What to Do on a Camping Trip with Friends

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What activities can you do while camping with friends?

  1. Hiking and exploring
  2. Fishing
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Rock climbing
  5. Card and board games
  6. Campfire storytelling
  7. Stargazing


  • Camping trips offer an opportunity to connect with nature, disconnect from everyday life, and create lasting memories with friends and family.
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, scavenger hunts, rock climbing, card and board games, and campfire storytelling can enhance the camping experience and strengthen bonds with friends.
  • Engaging in diverse activities amidst the beauty of nature can add an extra layer of excitement to camping adventures, creating cherished memories and fostering lasting friendships.

Outdoor camping is an exciting trip where you get to taste the beauty of nature and experience the tranquility of the great outdoors. It’s a chance to connect with the natural world, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and create lasting memories with friends and family. You also want to make this day memorable for everyone, so you might wonder what to do on a camping trip with friends.

Let’s explore some ideas on some of the best outdoor activities you can try with your friends, creating countless ways to have a blast in the great outdoors.

Hiking and Exploring

Hiking and exploring will provide you and your friends with an incredible opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories. As you go on a journey of discovery through famous hiking trails in the country like Mount Pulag, Mount Batulao, or Pico de Loro, you immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world while forging strong bonds with your besties.

If you decide to go hiking, consider bringing the right gear to ensure your safety and make your exploring more convenient:



Fishing offers a chance to connect with nature and appreciate the calming effects of being by the water. It provides a sense of achievement when one successfully catches a fish.

It also allows you and your friends to bond over shared experiences and stories. Wearing appropriate attire such as lightweight and breathable clothing, a hat for sun protection, sturdy shoes, and insect repellent can enhance the fishing experience.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an outdoor game in which players look for particular objects or do tasks within a predetermined area. It promotes teamwork and friendship among campers as well as exploration of the local natural areas.

It also gives the camping experience a dash of thrill and adventure. However, you should only select items or tasks appropriate for the area, set boundaries, and stress safety by reminding everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to respect the environment.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a thrilling adventure sport that involves scaling rocks or artificial walls using ropes, harnesses, and specialized equipment. It requires strength, technique, and mental focus. Incorporating rock climbing into your camping trip adds an extra element of excitement and challenge.

This activity allows everyone to test their limits, and experience a sense of achievement. However, safety should still be your top priority so, here are some tips to remember:

Card and Board Games

If you have a card or board game lying around your house, then consider bringing it to your next camping trip. These games can bring an extra layer of enjoyment to your outdoor adventure.

Gathering around the campfire or in the cozy confines of your tent, you can create a lively atmosphere with friendly competition and shared laughter. From classics like Monopoly and Scrabble to more portable options like playing cards or travel-sized versions of popular games, these will surely make the night fun for everyone.

Campfire Storytelling

Campfire storytelling

Campfire storytelling is a must in every camping trip, more like a tradition for every camper at this point. From horror stories that send shivers down the spine to tales of triumph over adversity, the campfire circle becomes a stage for shared experiences and imagination.

The darkness beyond the fire’s glow adds an eerie ambiance, enhancing the impact of each tale. It’s a time-honored tradition that adds depth to the camping experience, creating memories that linger long after the trip has ended, like the scent of woodsmoke on clothing.


At the end of your day, take a moment to rest and look at the stars. Find a comfortable spot outdoors, lie down, and gaze up at the night sky. Try to spot familiar shapes and patterns among the twinkling stars. Perhaps you can imagine a giant spoon, a courageous hunter, or even a mythical creature in the vast expanse above you.

While you’re outside, take in the peaceful atmosphere and listen to the chirping of crickets, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the soothing whisper of the breeze. Allow yourself to be immersed in this tranquil setting and feel a sense of calm wash over you.

Key Takeaway

With the beauty of nature surrounding you, engaging in diverse activities will add a layer of excitement to your camping trip adventure. So, what to do on a camping trip with friends, you ask? Well, the answer is really simple. If you are with the people you love, sharing laughter and creating memories, your trip will surely be like no other.

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