Best Off-Road Mags For Sale
In The Philippines: Overland Kings

The country is full of remote locations that only a few have explored. From mountains, beaches, and hidden gems — nature has definitely blessed our lands. However, some of these places can only be reached by high-performance vehicles that can withstand rough terrain like stony, muddy, and wet paths. If you’re looking for off-road mags for sale in the Philippines to conquer these trails, read on!

Our Premium Brands

Here at Overland Kings, we have three brands that cater to those people looking for off-road mags for sale in the Philippines. Bringing you only the toughest and most durable products for your adventure, look no further for the safest and most durable wheels and tires.

Black Rhino

Black Rhino is a dedicated wheel brand that caters to the off-road needs of SUVs, trucks, vans, and jeeps. Their products are engineered for drivers who love riding through rough terrain. Their inspiration is the tough Black Rhino — listed as one of World Wild Life’s (WWF) critically endangered species. Because of this, a portion of their sales are donated to

We have an estimated 40 Black Rhino Wheels for you to choose from here at Overland Kings. Sizes start at 16 to 20 inches. Because it is inspired by the Black Rhino, most of the designs are rugged and black. All styles are a sight to behold, from simple to more detailed and ornate layouts.

It also comes in two other sleek colors — gunmetal and bronze. If you want a pop of color on your off-road vehicle, there is also a candy red version of the Black Rhino Wheel. Depending on your taste, there are also shiny and matte finishes.


If you’re looking for off-road mags for sale in the Philippines, do not forget about the tires and 4x4 off-road accessories in the Philippines. For this, we offer products from a popular brand all around the globe–Yokohama. A reputable Japanese brand operating since 1917, this company has manufactured and supplied tough and durable tires for light, commercial, and off-road use.

An off-road vehicle should run smoothly whether you’re driving in the city or across the mountain. This is why you can rely on the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015. Thanks to the triple 3D sipes, this versatile tire provides a driver with the ability to ride through different conditions — even if you’re driving across the highway or under sunny or rainy weather.

Another issue with driving on wet pavements is skidding and sliding which can make a driver lose control of a vehicle. Because of the circumferential grooves on the A/T G015, you can effectively prevent hydroplaning.


Another reliable tire brand you can rely on is Nitto. Manufacturing products for enthusiasts since 1949, this brand offers a selection of high-performance tires for different purposes. The Nitto 420S is suitable for all-season SUVs and trucks driving on the road. For off-road fans, they have the Grappler series.

Made for all types of terrain is the Terra Grappler G2. This is the perfect choice for drivers who will take their off-road vehicles to the office on weekdays, and adventures on weekends. Designed with coupling joints and full-depth sipes, this tire will withstand wear and tear in harsh ground conditions while still looking good. Driving on pavements is also made quieter thanks to the advanced tread blocks.

For hybrid terrain performance, you can also rely on the Ridge Grappler. This combines the strengths of all-terrain and mud-terrain tires from Nitto. This means that it is also quiet while on the highway, but powerful in off-road locations, especially in wet and muddy environments. Noticeable are its zigzag and shoulder grooves, which maintain traction and clear any mud or stone.

Choose Off-Road Mags For Sale In The Philippines From Overland Kings!

Overland Kings started because of its passion for off-road adventure. The fun that awaits when exploring remote locations and interacting with nature is irresistible to us enthusiasts. The need for rough terrain gear and quality camping gear in the Philippines has inspired us to bring reliable and tested international brands to Filipinos who search for a one-of-a-kind and safe experience here in our very own country.

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