7 Benefits of Glamping: How Glamping can Spice Up Your Instagram Feed

January 11, 2023 | 0 Comments


How can glamping spice up your Instagram photos?

  1. Take a relaxing break with Mother Nature.
  2. Express your love for the outdoors.
  3. Have a cozy corner of the planet to yourself.
  4. Have the best views for your photos.
  5. Make the most out of natural lighting.
  6. Find yourself in the most unique campsites.
  7. Inspire others to go camping, too.

Glamping is a trend on the rise, and not only because it’s such a fun yet attractive thing to do. In large part, glamping has gained popularity thanks to social media. Admit it—when you see a photo of a lovely campsite in the middle of nowhere with all its happy campers, it makes you want to go on a similar trip, doesn’t it? Well, the benefits of glamping may not stop with your Instagram feed, but they can certainly start there.

Instagram is a great place to show photos of the places you’ve been and adventures you’ve gone on. So why not fill it with pictures of your latest glamorous camping trip? If you’re not so sure, here are a few reasons why you should.

Take a relaxing break with Mother Nature

We all know that staying outdoors and soaking in the fresh air and sunshine is great for your mind, and can even make you feel like a completely new person after a long week at work.

But, for many, preparing to go outdoors can also bring a lot of stress — after all, roughing it just isn’t for everyone.

Glamping allows you the best of both worlds—you get to be in nature, but without or with less of the usual stress.

With all the camping equipment you get to use for cooking, sleeping, and recreation, you don’t have to worry about going without your usual comforts! So you really get to relax and unwind from long days of work in the bustling city heat and traffic.

Express your love for the outdoors

Express your love for the outdoors

If you’re a nature lover but you also like looking good, glamping is perfect for you—so why not show it? Posting your photos on Instagram allows you to showcase one of your favorite hobbies and feature some of your favorite gear, all while still looking put-together and attractive for your followers.

Have a cozy corner of the planet to yourself

If you’re a glamping enthusiast, you probably already know that there are little places all over the world where nature, aesthetics and comfort combine. Glamping campsites in particular put these all together for people like yourself to enjoy!

Since you love these places so much, you’ll want to commemorate them with photos. Think of it as proof that you’ve stepped on such glamorous soils—leave your followers amazed at the places you’ve been!

Have the best views for your photos

Nothing beats the view of a natural landscape. It’s something man could simply never replicate. And if you manage to capture it on your reel, share it with others so they can appreciate your photography skills. You also get to keep the photo, and the view, forever—what a bonus!

Make the most out of natural lighting

Natural light has a number of benefits for photography. It’s very flattering for skin tones, it’s dynamic and changes throughout the day, and it isn’t as stark in photos as artificial light is. So if you’re not necessarily into glamping for the nature shots, at least consider how good you’ll look bathed in natural light for your IG (or commemorative!) photos.

Find yourself in the most unique campsites

Find yourself in the most unique campsites

Now that glamping has become such a trend, it’s more common for countries all over the world to put up unique and out-of-this-world sites. Document your adventure with photos on your feed that showcase the quirkiness of each glamping site you visit. You can even document your journey towards the site, and whatever activities you enjoy there. We’re sure even the site itself would be thankful for your effort.

Inspire others to go camping, too

As you yourself were inspired to go glamping by some really good photos, you can also do the same for other people. We’re sure they’ll love the photos you put up, but more than the likes and comments, you’ll be giving them a hint of the beauty that can be found outdoors, inspiring them to step away from their screens and take in the fresh air.

Key Takeaway

As you can see, there are a number of glamping benefits besides just rest and relaxation in a place close to nature. You can commemorate the trip and even share it with others by posting about it on Instagram. In doing so, you get to take and keep unforgettable photos, gain more likes and followers, and even inspire others to go on trips themselves.

Don’t forget to take us with you on your glamping trip! Overland Kings provides for all your camping and glamping needs. In particular, if you want to keep cool and not look sweaty in your IG photos, consider taking our portable air conditioner along. As for the photos themselves, make sure you’re wearing the right outdoor apparel and staying hydrated.

We look forward to seeing your photos come to life. Don’t hesitate—check out that camping site today, and book a stay as soon as you can. Happy glamping!


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