List Of Camping Essentials For First-Timers

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What’s the list of camping essentials for first-timers?

  1. Camping tent
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Water bottle
  4. First aid kit
  5. Firestarter
  6. Pocket knife
  7. Compass or a charged GPS
  8. Flashlight or headlamp
  9. Toilet paper
  10. Waterproof rain jacket

Two things are waiting for you to happen when you go outdoors for camping: a spectacular camping trip or experiencing a living horror because of only one thing: what you didn’t bring with you for the trip. 

Unfortunately, it’s overwhelming to figure out exactly what supplies you need on your camping trip, especially when it’s your first time staking out in the great outdoors. Worse still, your anticipated peaceful vacation could turn into an emergency if you come unprepared!

So, it’s important that you know what gear to bring on your trip outdoors. Luckily, we’ve prepared a complete list of camping essentials for first-timers! And, most of them are available here at Overland Kings! Keep reading to find out more.


Camping Tent

The most essential camping item for your trip is a camping tent because it’s where you’re going to rest once you have camp set up, and eventually turn in later on at night.

Which tent you need depends on the campsite you’re going to. If you’re planning to hike a little to your campsite, purchase a lightweight tent that you can easily stow into your backpack. If it’s a drive-up site, you need a larger tent. 

Generally, we recommend that first-timers buy and pack a tent that’s easy to unfold and set up. 

Once you order a high-quality tent, you can try to practice setting it up in your home to figure out how to set it up!


Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

You won’t be able to sleep peacefully in your tent without a sleeping bag. It’s lightweight, portable, and insulated bedding that will make your night outdoors more comfortable! And, it’s important for keeping you safe from insects, the cold, and other discomforts that are common with camping. 


Water Bottle

When going outside for a trip, it’s essential to bring a water bottle — or a large water container. Depending on your campsite, you might not have a ready source of potable water to drink from and cook with, so it’s important to have a source of clean water with you. 

Make sure to bring a large water bottle and to be safe, don’t forget to bring purification tablets, too, in case you decide to refill your water from local water sources.


First Aid Kit

It’s not always that you’ll experience life-threatening injury during camping, but it’s difficult if it happens to you, especially if you don’t pack a first aid kit. Hikers have experienced getting cuts that can be infectious if left untreated. 

So, don’t forget to bring an antiseptic, bandages, or cotton pads with you to the campsite just in case. Also bring sunscreen, insect repellant, scissors, and soap. These are a must to make sure any wounds you get on your trip are properly treated and cleaned!



Camping isn’t memorable and complete without a warm campfire. You can use it to cook your food or snacks, and it’s also a great way to keep warm once the sun sets. To make starting a fire easier for you, you should consider bringing a firestarter — such as waterproof matches or cigarette lighters. Use these with strips of newspaper, or small twigs to start a fire at your campsite.


Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife serves many purposes for outdoor trips. It can trim a rope, slice or peel fruits or vegetables, open a tight package, sharpen twigs, and more. It’s a useful multipurpose tool you can use for a variety of camp chores! You can even get a set of cutting tools for your camping trip, if you want to come extra prepared.


Compass Or A Charged GPS

Compass Or A Charged GPS

If you’re planning to go on a camping trip in remote areas, do not forget to bring a compass or a charged GPS with you. Campers who don’t bring these essentials risk getting lost or stranded, away from their campgrounds. And, nothing’s more dangerous than getting lost during a hike and getting stuck in an unfamiliar site! This is why it’s a must to prepare these tools, as they provide a way for you to navigate your way back. 


Flashlight Or Headlamp

In the great outdoors, it becomes pitch black at night. If you don’t bring enough light sources with you, this can make walking around at night difficult. To avoid tripping and falling at night, make sure to bring at least a flashlight or headlamp with you. The latter is most commonly used for its hand-free feature.


Toilet Paper

You might be surprised, but this supply is one of the most often forgotten things for first-time campers! But, because most campsites don’t have comfortable rooms, while those that do only offer the bare necessities, which makes toilet paper an important supply for your hygiene and comfort. So, remember to pack a roll (or two) before setting off for your camping trip. 


Waterproof Rain Jacket

For a camping trip, you have to only bring a few sets of clothes. But, one of the most important items of clothing you should bring on this trip is a waterproof rain jacket. It will keep you safe and dry in case there’s sudden rain. 


Key Takeaway

Now that you know the complete list of camping essentials for first-timers, you’re better prepared for your first camping trip! If you find yourself missing any of these essential supplies, then head over to Overland King’s online store. 

We carry a wide selection of high-quality camping items, from tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, first aid kits, camping lights, camping accessories, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you need help picking out the right supplies for your trip.


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