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Whenever you need to take a break from the bustling city, there is no better way to do it than to go camping. The country boasts of stunning camping destinations, with some hidden gems and spots that have yet to be explored.

Make the rest of the trip more comfortable and exciting by taking the right camping gear with you even when you go glamping in the Philippines. At Overland Kings, our team of outdoor experts hand-picked the best camping gear in the Philippines. These items prove to be useful, especially if you travel to remote yet stunning locations.

We offer you a wide range of camping gear with superior quality in mind. From tents, stretcher beds, chairs, kitchen items for food and drinks, to camping furniture — you’ll never run out of options. Don’t get caught in the camping hurdles and bag these items because they are ready to provide you with the best adventure experiences.

Read on to check out our camping gear in the Philippines below:

Featured Camping Gear Products

Before you go on that camping trip, it’s crucial to pack the essentials. Check out these camping gear in the Philippines because a stay in the wilderness requires preparation.

Whether you are a novice or expert in camping, you will find that part of the fun is figuring out what to bring along to meet all your needs.

Tents and Shelters

Unless you want to sleep in the cold outdoors with no shelter, never forget to pack a tent. At Overland Kings, we know that tents are among the most important camping gear in the Philippines.

Made with durable materials, find the perfect tent from our plethora of choices. If you seek a massive internal space that can be set up in just minutes, the 6-man Annex for Roof Top Tent is well-loved by adventure seekers like you. Easily mount it on the back of your pick up. Don’t want to go all out? Set up a steel Camping Stretcher Bed under a waterproof Awning Side Wall to enjoy the scenic view while resting.

As the provider of premium camping gear in the Philippines, we made sure we have different types of shelters for our customers to take advantage of.

Hydration, Food, and Furniture

Maximize the trip by having all the hydrating and food necessities. From portable gas BBQ grills, gas stoves, sturdy tables, steel fire pits to tough coolers — we have got it all for you.

Want to get reliable camping gear complete with accessories for a hassle-free dining experience? Take out the BRS Portable Aluminum Kitchen, which comes with two foldaway side tables, foldable storage shelves, and adjustable legs to accommodate uneven terrain.

Need to munch on your favorite BBQ dishes while sitting in an extremely comfortable Throne Camping Chair? Look no further because Overland Kings is complete with all the camping gear in the Philippines.

Hygiene and Other Accessories

Didn’t we say we have every camping gear in the Philippines needed to create the best adventure experience? When you are out in the wilderness, it can be hard to enjoy the comfort of hygiene offered at home. At Overland Kings, we made sure to offer you the utmost convenience with different furniture and hygiene goods.

Make sure you grab the 20L Portable Camping Toilet, which comes in handy for emergencies. Pack right for your adventures with a tough, weather-resistant Adventure Kings Canvas Travel Bag. Store all your essentials in the Kings Collapsible Laundry Basket and you just might end up wondering how you managed without its space-saving functionality.

Why Choose Overland Kings?

What makes us stand out to become the leading provider for camping gear in the Philippines? Read on to find out why!

Superior Quality Brands

Naturally, you would want the right quality equipment to enjoy camping. The lack of value quality camping gear in the Philippines skyrocketed our company’s passion. We also went the extra mile to personally test all our gears!

We have worked with top brands like Black Rhino Wheels, Mammoth Fit-Out Systems, AA-Racks, Avenger Box, and many more, to provide only the best camping gear and even off-road mags for sale in the Philippines. From tents, awnings, kitchen items, furniture, to hygiene accessories — our gear comes from Australia to guarantee you only spend on products that are worth it.

Customer Service At Its Finest

We believe that our customers’ trust is what will boost our success. For this reason, we strongly uphold top-notch customer service. Rest assured that you can contact our team whenever you have concerns about your orders.

At Overland Kings, we prioritize you, our customers. After all, this is what makes us a well-loved provider of camping gear in the Philippines.

Buy Camping Gear in the Philippines From Overland Kings! Have A Comfortable and Exciting Outdoor Adventure.

Overland Kings has set out with the passion to bring adventure through the bestcamping gear. The lack of quality camping gear in the Philippines boosted our desire to bring reliable products to Filipinos who want to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey.

With superior quality and excellent customer service in mind, we are ready to cater to all your camping needs.