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At Overland Kings, our passion is to bring the thrill and adventure of overland in the Philippines. Overlanding describes itself as a self-reliant journey to remote destinations. Since the dawn of 4-wheel drive vehicles, overlanding has captured the interest of eager adventurers in the country. Read on to learn all about overland in the Philippines.

What Is Overlanding?

At the core of overlanding is the love for the great outdoors, exploring new places, challenging trails, and camping passion. It is a self-reliant adventure trip that’s typically vehicle-based, both on-road and off-road. Overlanding involves vehicle mechanics and building customized rigs that suit the needs of the overlander.

With its principal form of lodging, which is camping, overlanding often lasts for extended periods of time. The real-deal requires taking yourself off-the-grid and venturing into the unknown. Some overlanders are gone for weeks, months, and even years while on the journey.

Whether it’s a simple weekend trip or a year-long excursion across various regions — the goal of overlanding is the journey itself. It’s a meaningful quest with self-reliance as the key to its success. In the end, it broadens your perspective about cultures, provides stunning wildlife sceneries, and allows you to build a self-sufficient mentality.

What Is Overlanding?
Overlanding in the Philippines

Overlanding in the Philippines

Overland in the Philippines has taken on a life of its own with adventurers gathering at both regional and national expos to embark on their journeys. The country is overflowing with remote locations that have yet to be explored. From mountains and hidden trails, nature has truly blessed the Philippines with plenty of opportunities for adventures.

At Overland Kings, we went on overland expeditions and visited trails like the Yamashita ridge in Nueva Ecija. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of overlanding is that anyone with the will and right equipment can do it.

What Is Overland Kings?

At Overland Kings, we have set out with the passion to bring the adventure of overland in the Philippines. The lack of value quality gear sparked our desire to provide Australian-quality overland equipment for those who want to go onboard on a one-of-a-kind journey in the country. From roof tents, awning, recovery gear, cooking essentials — we ensure superior quality. All our products were personally tested in our rigs. Rest assured we are ready to cater to all your camping needs.

We are so passionate about this form of adventure travel that we partnered with top-notch brands such as Black Rhino Wheels and Mammoth Fit-Out Systems to make your overland journey more enjoyable and organized. Spend more time exploring, rather than being caught empty-handed without the essentials.

Essential Overlanding Gear

Visiting remote areas requires bringing the necessary overlanding gear. Make no mistake: conquering a stay in the wilderness is challenging and you will often be faced with extreme natural forces. Whether you are a novice or expert in camping, you will find that part of succeeding with overland in the Philippines is figuring out what to bring along.

What Is Overland Kings?
Tents and Shelter

Tents and Shelter

Don’t end up sleeping in the cold outdoors without a shelter. Pack a tent. At Overland Kings, we know that tents are among the most important gear with overland in the Philippines.

If you are looking for the best camping gear in the Philippines, check our premium and durable rooftop tents and waterproof awnings. We also offer stretcher beds and foam mattresses for a good night’s rest. After all, you’ll need all the energy you can get to complete the rest of the overland journey., check our premium and durable rooftop tents and waterproof awnings. We also offer stretcher beds and foam mattresses for a good night’s rest. After all, you’ll need all the energy you can get to complete the rest of the overland journey.

Food and Hydration

Maximize the journey by having all the food and hydration essential. From portable gas stoves, sturdy dining tables, coolers, freezers, iron skillets, knives, to steel fire pits — we have it all for you.

Whenever you need to munch on food, look no further because Overland Kings is complete with all the gear for your overland in the Philippines.

Food and Hydration

Storage and Hygiene

When you are traveling, you don’t have the luxury to enjoy the comfort of your home. At Overland Kings, we made sure to offer you the utmost convenience with different storage and hygiene products.

Make sure you take a 20L Portable Camping Toilet and pack right for your journey with a durable and weather-resistant Adventure Kings Canvas Travel Bag.

Storage and Hygiene

First Aid Kit

The great outdoors brings about the beauty of nature. However, it can also open up a new world of uncertainty. Accidents and different kinds of emergencies can occur at any given time.

Bring our 100+ piece Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit along for the ride. It is designed to be weight and space-conscious, without leaving anything off the first aid checklist.

4×4 Off-road Vehicle Gear

When you travel to unfamiliar territories, a properly equipped overlanding rig is a must. This is one of the most important gears that will help you reach destinations far and wide. At Overland Kings, we offer heavy-duty tires, crossbars, batteries, and many more.

First Aid Kit

Overland Philippines: The Key to Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Overlanding is a popular form of adventure travel across the world. Overland in the Philippines has been yet to gain wide-scale popularity.

Adventure seekers must try this one-of-a-kind journey because it offers unrivaled rewards like history, wildlife, culture, scenery, and a sense of self-sufficiency.

At Overland Kings, our team has ventured with a passion to bring high-quality overland gear to the Philippines. Looking to explore the best spots for glamping in the Philippines? Gear up and embark on a one-of-a-kind overland journey today!


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