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  • 4×4 Bow Shackle | 4.7t WLL

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Buying Guide For 4x4 Off-Road Accessories in
the Philippines: Overland Kings

If you’re looking for 4x4 Off-Road Accessories in the Philippines, you’re at the right place! Here at Overland Kings, we offer all the items you need for a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure!

From storage solutions, lighting gear, protection products, and ready-to-use toolkits, we can supply you with all your needs. Read on!

Buying Guide For 4x4 Off-Road Accessories in the Philippines: Overland Kings


Outdoor adventures in the wild may require you to need camping gear in the Philippines such as tents, portable showers, and cooking supplies. Without these, you won’t be self-sufficient when you go on a trip to remote locations. If you’re looking for 4x4 off-road accessories in the Philippines, storage solutions should be on the list.

  • Crossbars and Roof Racks
  • Even if you try to limit the items you bring to your outdoor trip to the mountains, the space inside your 4x4 vehicle will not be enough sometimes. That’s why you should invest in additional storage that can be installed above your car.

    You can choose from crossbars or roof racks, which can help you carry extra baggage, mount sports gear like bicycles or kayaks, or install a roof tent. Here at Overland Kings, we carry the brand Mammoth Fit-Out Systems and Adventure Kings for both your roof storage needs.

  • Roof Console
  • For storage of smaller items inside your 4x4 vehicle, you may want to install a roof console. Built like a part of your interiors, this Outback brand can fit radios and other small items so you can easily reach for them when you need to communicate with other camping members.

  • Rear Drawers and Fridge Slides
  • To make your trunk space more organized, you can rely on drawer systems and fridge slides. The drawers can be fitted to fit the surface of your trunk, so more above it, you can store additional items. There are also 2-in-1 options where you can have a drawer and a fridge slide on top of it. To make it more convenient in accessing your food, a fridge slide is a recommended accessory you should invest in. Here at Overland Kings, we carry products by Titan and Adventure Kings.


    If you’re traveling to remote locations, one of the must-have 4x4 off-road accessories in the Philippines are LED driving lights and LED light bars. Most secluded areas don’t have electricity, and driving through dark surroundings is dangerous.

    Aside from its main functionality of provisioning strong light, these products from Adventure Kings are also tough and durable. It can resist different weather conditions and can even run while submerged in water!


    Your 4x4 off-road vehicle needs additional protection when it’s out in the wild. When you’re coming from the outdoors, getting some dirt and mud with you is unavoidable. That’s why you need to invest in heavy-duty stuff that is easy to clean.

    Fortunately, we here at Overland Kings has got your back! From floor mats, seat covers, wheel covers, fridge covers, generator covers, and sunshades, the interior of your 4x4 will be protected from any unwanted stains and marks. When you get home, cleaning and washing them will also be fuss-free!



    Are you wondering if you need any more 4x4 off-road accessories in the Philippines? Whether you’re on the road or staying in camp, having tools will always come in handy.

  • Tire Care
  • To be ready for emergencies, you should always have these essential tools in your kit. These are must-haves, and every off-road enthusiast knows that. A tire deflator, and air compressor can save you when you’re in a pinch somewhere where help is nowhere to be seen.

  • Complete Kits
  • Are you confused as to what tools you need to bring when taking your off-road vehicle? Having to shop piece per piece can be stressful because you have to consider all kinds of situations you have to be ready for. Here at Overland Kings, you can let go of the hassle and buy these ready to bring kits. There is the Ultimate Mechanical Tool Kit, Survival First Aid Kit, and Complete Recover Kit!

    Buy Your 4x4 Off-Road Accessories in the Philippines At Overland Kings!

    If you’re looking for 4x4 Off-Road Accessories in the Philippines, you’re certainly at the right place! Aside from these products, we also supply offroad mags for sale in the Philippines and a wide variety of camping gear from international brands.

    If you have any questions or inquiries, message us now. Stay safe on your outdoor adventures!