7 Best Spots for Glamping
in the Philippines

For lovers of the great outdoors, there’s definitely no better feeling than being at one with nature. With the tons of natural attractions and gorgeous land and sea formations, glamping in the Philippines has definitely become one of the most sought-after outdoor activities that have risen in popularity over time.

What Are The Best Places For Glamping
in the Philippines?

Thinking of a venue for your next glamping adventure? The Philippines has a few of these places that you might be looking for. From exquisite accommodations in Palawan to gorgeous yurts by the beach in Zambales, listed below are the must-visit places for glamping in the Philippines.

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Kwentong Dagat

Kwentong Dagat is arguably the most unique glamping location you’ll find on this list. Located in the heart of Zambales province, this glamping spot has attracted tourists — both local and international — with its unique approach to glamping in the Philippines.

Hidden amongst the dense forestry of a humble fishing settlement, Kwentong Dagat’s claim to fame is its quaint wooden glamping huts situated in one of the most tranquil locations you can find in the country.

Choose from different hut varieties that range from their casual Nipa Cabin, to the more luxurious Abaca Rooms made with construction materials plucked from nature. Or, you could also set up your own tent lodgings at the camping site under the shade of tall trees.

Hungry? Kwentong Dagat serves its guests with the tastiest and most delicious plant-based food in town. Even if you’re not really keen on the vegan lifestyle, you’ll definitely want to go for seconds once you try out their food.

Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort

The words “elegant” and “camping” are what you might not commonly find in the same sentence. Yet Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort in El Nido Palawan seems to just effortlessly take glamping to a whole new level with its luxury-inspired glamping in the Philippines.

This is where the natural and the urban collide. Though unassuming, the open tents in Cabanas de Nacpan provide its visitors with the utmost relaxation and care. As it’s surrounded by open water, guests will be greeted by the cool breeze in the morning and the warmth of the hut in the evening — all the while taking in the picturesque charm of this glamping destination.

North Beach Camp

Glamping was once a stranger to Ilocos Norte, but not after the establishment of the North Beach camp in the seaside town of Pagudpud.

Notable personalities like Drew Arellano and Marc Nelson have been drawn to the appeal of this glamping site in the country. Each hut is carefully set up on the white sands of the camp where visitors can embrace nature, interact with cute turtle critters, or simply watch the sunset in the afternoon.

When it gets too cold in the evening, the guests may also warm themselves by the outdoor firepit while resting with friends or family on the many hammocks overlooking the sea. This is truly one of the go-to places if you want to go glamping in the Philippines.

8 Suites Tagaytay

While the 8 Suites Tagaytay is popular as a site for glamping in the Philippines, it also welcomes visitors who simply want to enjoy a weekend or two, going on a picnic in the afternoon. This is also the go-to glamping spot in the city for people who want to spend their honeymoon or celebrate birthday parties and other unforgettable milestones.

You could choose from different bell tent sizes, be it a single-bed or a double-bed if you have company. Each lodging is fully-equipped with all the essential furnishing and amenities that you’ll find in a luxury suite.

If you want to do more than just take a short nap in the tent, there are also other activities that you can participate in. Check out their spa services to unwind and relax. Attend a yoga session or two to de-stress yourself — guaranteed that you’ll have a stay to remember.

El Dionisio Paraiso

Like Zambales, Mindoro is also one of the first places that come to people’s minds when they think of white sand coastlines. This is also the hope of another beautiful location, the El Dionisio Paraiso — a haven for glamping in the Philippines.

This is one of the more budget-friendly glamping accommodations out there, with tents costing as low as Php 1,500 for up to 6 people. There are also several small tents that are scattered around El Dioniso Paraiso’s campsite and its awe-inspiring white sand beach as well where you could relax with friends and families while taking in the salty summer breeze.

Those looking for a quick camping day tour will definitely appreciate this place, as it offers Php 150-peso accommodation for guests that simply want to drop by this vast island in the country.

Glamping Alona

No other glamping spot executes the rustic vibe better than Glamping Alona in Panglao Island. Although it is several ways down Luzon, this tourist hub in the Visayas area boasts some of the best views and glamping experiences out there.

For those who enjoy their own company, their sleek and stylish bell huts also come in single-beds where people can take their daily siestas while listening to the sounds of nature around them.

Going on a romantic getaway? Why not make Glamping Alona your palace of choice? There are also available double-bed bell huts where you can chill out with your partner.

Cool yourself in the hot summer by taking a dip into the refreshing swimming pool, as your lover watches from the surrounding chaise lounges with a martini in hand. Glamping in the Philippines doesn’t get any more charming than this.

Archery-Asia Nipa Huts Moalboal

Archery-Asia Nipa Huts and Moalboal takes up glamping in the Philippines to the next level by also giving its visitors the chance to practice their aim.

More than just a beautiful glamping locality in Cebu, this place caters to also those who have a knack for outdoor adventure.

Target boards for archery enthusiasts are set up amongst the columns of coconut palm trees and a large bamboo enclosure where people could hone their eagle eyes.

After a day’s session, have the opportunity to retreat at one of the many nipa huts built for your pleasure.

Choose to stay in the beautiful air-conditioned nipa huts at Php 1,390 each night per head, or go all-natural with the classic nipa hut that you’ve come to know and love for Php 400 pesos less. It’s really all up to you to make your experience more unforgettable and worthwhile.

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These are just some of the most ideal locations for your next vacation — be it a relaxing or a fun-filled one. Take a trip all around the Philippines — from Zambales, Ilocos Norte, El Nido, or even the Visayas region with its many hidden glamping secrets.

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