The Yamashita Overland Expedition

August 27, 2019 | 5 Comments


BY: Joel Pedro

Every once in a while, everyone needs a weekend adventure!

The Yamashita ridge trail is one of our favorites! It is located in Nueva Viscaya. its about a 4 hour drive from Manila. it features 14 deg weather and sherman tank in the middle of the mountain. organized overland travel by Off-Grid Expedition

Our 3 day trip was a fun group of 30 rigs from all walks of life. with Different car brands. The one thing exciting with the overland lifestyle is the sense of community with fellow overlanders. the fellowship, the adventuring is a perfect platform to form new friendships.

This trip was no diffrent. with a low pressure area looming over the weekend, we know is was gonna be wet and fun. the trail features landslides and low visibility with a good dose of technicality for the off road part.

this was how it looked like for 3 days

the rigs (vehicles) overland setups were put to the test with the harsh conditions. But sure enough quality gear proved to be effective. From awnings to rooftop tents, swags cooking gear. All of these made the whole experience a memorable one.

at the end of the trip new friends were made and a lifetime of memories and stories in the books. Id say its a weekend well spent!


5 responses to “The Yamashita Overland Expedition”

  1. Sphelele says:

    Heilo gyz I lv yo adventure tour and I lv 4×4 Black Rhino cars Thank gyz

  2. Sevilla Sorita says:

    We had an awesome experience for the first time with strong wind and heavy rains but most of all, we had fun with group. Thank you so much to all of you.


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