Camping Spots for the Broken-Hearted

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Where can one find camping spots for the broken-hearted?

  1. Marlboro Mountain, Sagada
  2. Camp Khawa, Baguio
  3. Silent Sanctuary Reserve, Laguna
  4. Springs Mountain Park, Rizal
  5. Mt. Puntaas, Bohol


  • This is a curated list of camping spots for those who have recently undergone a breakup. Our curated list offers serene environments ideal for camping, trekking, and seeking solace in nature during your healing journey.

Life sometimes brings us situations where we find ourselves grappling with heartbreak. It could be the aftermath of a fleeting summer romance or the end of a significant long-term relationship, leaving us feeling vulnerable and raw.

For those seeking solace and a chance to reconnect with themselves, you might want to go on a journey of self-reflection. Here, we’ve curated a list of some of the finest camping spots for the broken-hearted, providing you with a place to heal and rediscover wholeness once more.

Marlboro Mountain, Sagada

Marlboro Mountain, situated in Sagada, offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking a break from the city’s chaos. Sometimes, you just need to step away from the familiar hustle and bustle, especially when familiar places trigger melancholic memories.

A trip to the Mountain Province, particularly Marlboro Mountain in Sagada, might be just what you need. With its picturesque rolling hills and peaceful pine forests, it’s a haven for those seeking solace and a bit of quiet “me time” for healing. The trails here wind through nature’s beauty for two to four hours, providing an ideal environment for reflection and rejuvenation.

Thinking about gearing up for this journey? Overland Kings can lend a hand in preparing you with the camping gear for your trek:

Camp Khawa, Baguio

Camp Khawa, Baguio

Camp Khawa in Baguio offers a serene escape after a breakup, especially when accompanied by your faithful pet – someone who’ll never let you down. It’s a comforting refuge, providing solace and companionship during emotionally challenging times.

Underneath Baguio’s starry sky, Camp Khawa invites you to relax in their cozy accommodations, surrounded by nature’s gentle melodies. The tranquil atmosphere and twinkling stars create a peaceful setting for much-needed rejuvenation. Embracing the quietude of this place becomes a simple yet powerful remedy for navigating the post-breakup phase with renewed strength and warmth.

Silent Sanctuary Reserve, Laguna

Silent Sanctuary Reserve in Laguna stands as a tranquil refuge. Its serene setting embraces you, fostering a sense of solace and calm essential for healing. With its serene waters and captivating vistas, this spot creates a peaceful environment, inviting moments of quiet contemplation.

This haven also serves as an excellent escape for a digital detox, allowing a break from reminders of the past. Unplugging becomes a pivotal step in the healing journey.

Here, whether you arrive in an overlanding-equipped car or opt for on-site accommodations, an experience awaits. Amidst nature’s soothing whispers, like the gentle waves, discover a space for emotional recovery. This tranquil retreat encourages introspection, providing a space to recharge and begin anew.

If you’re preparing your car for this trip, ensure all the essentials are checked for a hassle-free experience:

Springs Mountain Park, Rizal

Springs Mountain Park, Rizal

To those who are stumped with work, but wish to take a break from it all, a mountain park near the city can be a good idea. Springs Mountain Park in Rizal serves as a sanctuary, thanks to its easy accessibility and peaceful surroundings. It acts as a swift escape from the city’s hustle, offering a convenient yet tranquil haven for recovery.

For those seeking a swift respite, this spot in Tanay, Rizal is the ideal camping ground. Amidst its serene setting, you’ll find expansive open spaces, inviting picnic grounds, and trails to wander, providing a serene backdrop for introspection and rejuvenation.

Mt. Puntaas, Bohol

You can start over again full of hope and renewal. If you want to set this mantra in stone, why not make it an experience to remember with a trek to Mt. Puntaas. This mountain in Bohol provides trekkers with a breathtaking view of a sea of clouds during sunrise.

This trip symbolizes a fresh start after emotional turmoil. Gazing at the sunrise and the ethereal sea of clouds inspires awe, reminding us of beauty beyond struggles. It sparks introspection and optimism, encouraging release from the past for a promising new chapter.

Key Takeaway

These carefully curated camping sites for the broken-hearted offer a sanctuary while you are at your most vulnerable. On this trip, we hope you can connect with the natural world, mend your heart, and rediscover your inner strength.

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