6 Black Rhino Wheels for Your Overland Vehicle

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What are the best Black Rhino Wheels for your Overlanding Vehicle?

  1. For A Pop of Color: Black Rhino Primm in Candy Red
  2. For 1-piece Cast Wheels: Black Rhino Wanaka
  3. For The Military Look: Black Rhino Abrams
  4. For Rotary Forged Wheels: Black Rhino Chase
  5. For Rotary Forged Wheels: Black Rhino Stadium
  6. For A Sporty Appearance and Performance: Black Rhino Madagascar


If you’re looking for off-road mags for sale in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place. Due to its premium materials and tried-and-tested products, most veteran overlanders will recommend the Black Rhino Wheels for overland. Made for trucks, SUVs, CUVs, Vans, Jeeps, and more, you can rely on the durability of their wheels, just like their namesake—the tough Rhinoceros. Read on!


For A Pop of Color: Black Rhino Primm in Candy Red

Black Rhino Primm in Candy Red

Aside from the ability to drive through rough trails and muddy grounds, overland enthusiasts are also looking for an aesthetically pleasing vehicle. For overland drivers, this visual impact can affect your enjoyment when camping in remote areas.

Fortunately, all Black Rhino Wheels are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But to catch the attention of fellow overland enthusiasts, a pop of color such as candy red is a good choice. Combined with the rugged design, it will provide a strong impact on both pedestrians and drivers. It is available in 17” and 20” variants.


For One Piece Cast Wheels: Black Rhino Wanaka

For One Piece Cast Wheels Black Rhino Wanaka

It requires skill and attention to detail to cast wheels from a single mold. Once the molten metal cools, the product is trimmed, cleaned up, and drilled. The process is simple, but the result is a solid piece of overland mags that can be used for both daily driving and rough trails.

One of these is the Black Rhino Wanaka. This overland wheel is designed specifically for 5-lug and 6-lug trucks. Available in Matte Black and Matte Gunmetal colors, it will make any 4×4 vehicle look sleek while also giving you the ability to ride through overland tracks.


For The Military Look: Black Rhino Abrams

For The Military Look Black Rhino Abrams

If you’re looking for a military-inspired wheel, there’s nothing better than the Black Rhino Abrams. Just like its Armory and Arsenal siblings, it features tough-looking design elements that will make any driver feel like they’re in a heavily armored tank. After all, it is named after the real M1 Tank that served as the main battle vehicle for the US Army and Marine Corps.

Available in several sizes and bolt patterns, the Black Rhino Abrams can also be purchased in Gloss Gunblack, Matte Gun Metal, and OD Green. But no matter the color, it would fit the military theme of your vehicle.


For Rotary Forged Wheels: Black Rhino Chase

Black Rhino Chase

Made with a special manufacturing technique, rotary forged wheels are spun at high speeds during the forging process. This creates molecular changes in the alloy, strengthening it while keeping it lightweight.

To have your own state-of-the-art rotary forged wheels, you can install the Black Rhino Chase. Available in 3 sizes, it can fit almost any vehicle. If you require one for heavy-duty use, wheel weights with a load rating of 2,450 pounds per wheel are also offered. Get it in Matte Black and Brushed Gunmetal variants.


For Rotary Forged Wheels: Black Rhino Stadium

For Rotary Forged Wheels Black Rhino Stadium

Because of the decrease in mass on the rims, overland drivers will experience improved acceleration and braking with this set of high-quality rotary forged wheels. The Black Rhino Stadium is available in multiple sizes and bolt patterns – it can fit almost any vehicle. For 4×4 vehicles looking for a comfortable and high-performance ride, this wheel is for you.


For A Sporty Appearance and Performance: Black Rhino Madagascar

For A Sporty Appearance and Performance Black Rhino Madagascar

Another world-class wheel brought to you by Black Rhino is Madagascar. Because of its 6-spoke design with angular concave and rounded accents, it gives a sporty vibe and a modern look for your street truck and SUV.

But aside from its sleek and sporty look, this rotary forged wheel won’t disappoint when it comes to performance. Whether it’s the mountains or the beach, you can rely on its high performance. Available in Matte Black, it would fit in with most vehicles. There are different sizes and bolt patterns that are available for your 4×4.


Key Takeaway

When looking for mags, you can’t go wrong with the Black Rhino Wheels. Overland enthusiast or not, the functionality and visual impact of their products are enough to encourage any car owner to install a full set! Offering you a wide array of options made with different manufacturing techniques and designs, you will feel the difference when riding through rough trails.

If you’re interested in purchasing from Black Rhino Wheels, check out the Overland Philippines online store! Aside from mags, we can also provide you with tires, camping gear, tents, tools, lighting, and more!


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