5 Camping Kits for Off-Road Safety

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What are the camping kits for off-road safety?

  1. Survival 100+ Piece Vehicle First Aid Kit
  2. Hercules Snatch Strap Kit
  3. Hercules Complete Recovery Kit
  4. Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit
  5. Adventure Kings 18-in-1 Multi-Tool


From the moment you drive off-road to the time you spend staying in a remote location, you need a few tools that you can easily use for emergencies—such as treating a wound or fixing your 4WD vehicle. But your shopping list would not end if you decide to create your own tool kit. To make your buying experience more convenient, a complete off-road camping kit is recommended. Keep on reading for the full list.


100+ piece Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit

100+ piece Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit

Imagine a situation where you become wounded while overlanding. What would your next step be? Chances are high that you would fumble around at the back of your 4WD to look for your medical supplies.

That’s why it is a good idea to buy the Survival brand’s Vehicle First Aid Kit. With over 100 pieces, you would be ready for the majority of medical emergencies on and off the road. Designed in Australia by first-aid experts, the kit contains Survival’s very own SMART snake bandage, so you know the amount of pressure to apply to the wound.

Instead of not knowing where to look, the bag is also color-coded so you can find what you need easily. You can also restock accurately because the labels are numbered, so you’ll know what you’re missing.


Hercules Snatch Strap Kit

Hercules Snatch Strap Kit

Driving off-road is much more different than your usual ride through the highways. When you bring your 4WD to beaches and mountainsides, there is a chance that you will get stuck or bogged down by the sand or the muddy soil. Instead of continuing to accelerate, it is a better idea to use your Hercules Snatch Strap Kit.

All you need to do is attach the shackles and strap on each 4×4 vehicle’s rated recovery points. The snatch strap can stretch up to 20% of its length making it possible to recoil and pull a stuck vehicle out of the sand or mud.

After that, it can be easily packed away in the canvas bag and put below the driver’s seat for easy access anytime.


Hercules Complete Recovery Kit

Hercules Complete Recovery Kit

If you’re new to overland driving, it is recommended to have the Hercules 11-piece Complete Recovery Kit. Experienced overlanders will also benefit from this toolkit if you want to replace your old one.

From the name itself, this kit can help you in all types of recovery situations, whether you need to snatch or winch a vehicle. It includes all the tools you need—from the snatch block, snatch strap, tree trunk protector, extension strap, bow shackles, winch dampener, folding shovel, tire deflator, gloves, and bag.

Stuck in deep sand? The foldable shovel can be used to remove some of the sand around the tires to assist with the recovery. The tire deflator can also be used to lessen the tire pressure if you’re having difficulty with the traction. Whatever it is, you don’t need to worry because you have a complete recovery kit.


Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit

Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit

For those who often go on overland expeditions, one of the worst things that can happen to you is for your 4×4 vehicle to encounter problems. This situation can be worsened if you don’t have all the tools you need.

From mechanical to electrical repairs, the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit can handle it all. With over 150 pieces of tools inside a durable bag, you will be ready for all kinds of vehicle problems that need fixing.

The best thing with this tool kit is you don’t have to just use it when going camping. It can also sit in your garage to assist you in all kinds of house repairs that you can do by yourself.


Adventure Kings 18-in-1 Multi-Tool

Adventure Kings 18-in-1 Multi-Tool

If you’re looking for something handy, you can’t go wrong with the Adventure Kings 18-in-1 Multi-Tool. It has a nylon carry pouch that can easily be attached to your belt so you are ready for any situation anywhere.

Need to cut a small branch for the fire? Open a bottle of beer? Fix something in the engine? Or maybe sort out some pesky wires? You can use the multi-tool. It also includes 10 flat heads and Philips bits so you can complete any quick fixes and repairs.

The best thing about it is it can last a long time. Thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, it is strong and durable. It will be your go-to tool for all kinds of overland camping situations.


Key Takeaway

No matter how wonderful and life-changing overland camping is—due to exposure to mother nature, availability of fresh air, and the opportunity to disconnect—the reality is you have to be ready anytime for emergencies.

Snake bites, injuries, vehicle problems, recoveries, and odd jobs around the campsite—these are just some examples of situations you need to be ready for. That’s why instead of shopping in a hardware store for every piece of tool you need, you can purchase the off-road camping kit mentioned above.

With Overland King’s camping gear, you are guaranteed to only get the best quality and highly rated equipment from international brands. If you’re interested in complete tool kits and other items, you can browse the online shop here.


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