9 Camping Outfits For That Outdoorsy Style

September 21, 2022 | 0 Comments


What are the best camping outfits for that outdoorsy style?

  1. Windbreaker, Bike Shorts, and Boots
  2. Crop Top, Shorts, and Sneakers
  3. Tank Top, Trail Pants, and Hiking Boots
  4. Long Sleeves, Denim Shorts, and a Cap
  5. Flannel, Jogger Pants, and Boots
  6. Workout Outfit and Sunglasses
  7. One-Piece Workout, Hiking Backpack, and Wool Socks
  8. Hoodie, Long Shorts, and Boots
  9. Sweatshirt Dress, Socks, Boots

Who says you can’t be stylish while camping? There’s lots of outdoor apparel that are perfect for your next camping activity — and can be a total match for your shorts, jeans, and your most comfortable footwear. 

Whether you’re into two-piece or dress camping outfits, clothes that are pieced together will create a fashion statement that adds fun and style to your camping experience.

A bit lost on picking the perfect camping outfit for you? Here is a quick guide on different camping outfits for that outdoorsy style!


Why is a camping outfit important?

Camping is an adventurous activity that requires flexibility and adaptability to camping activities such as climbing, boating, fishing, and more. Therefore, your camping outfit must also vary on whether you’re camping on the lake, in the woods, or on the mountain. 

It’s better if you have matching and comfortable-to-wear pairs of camping outfits to help you move better. Whether it’s workout attire, hoodies, dresses, or pants paired with camping footwear, it’s important to pack the right outfits for your camping adventure.

Dig in for the perfect camping outfit ideas below.


Windbreaker, Bike Shorts, and Boots

Windbreaker, Bike Shorts, and Boots

It’s a must to bring a windbreaker when you’re going out camping. If you have camping during the rainy season, a windbreaker helps your body from cold brought by wind or rain. 

You can also bring a bomber jacket with water repellant to be prepared for bad weather or an insulated jacket if it’s cold and you want to feel warm. You can pair it with bike shorts and boots to keep yourself looking cool during camping. 


Crop Top, Shorts, and Sneakers

For girls, crop tops can be used for any type of activity. When your camping is in the daytime and it’s summer, the best camping outfit to try is the crop top paired with shorts and sneakers. It helps you walk better when hiking or going out of your camping tent for a walk with your family or friends.


Tank Top, Trail Pants, and Hiking Boots

Camping is not complete without getting on a hike with your friends or family. To further enjoy your hiking experience, wear a tank top, trail pants, and hiking boots. For other options of pants, you can also wear waterproof pants to save you from getting wet in the rain. These are lightweight camping outfits that help you move smoothly and their design keeps you coordinated to walk as well.


Long Sleeves, Denim Shorts, and a Cap

Of course, long sleeves and denim shorts are also one of the best outfits for outdoor activities such as camping. Paired with a cap to keep your head protected from rains or hot weather, you can wear a loose-fitting long sleeve shirt to keep your skin from uninvited weather and insects. 


Flannel, Jogger Pants, and Boots

Flannel, Jogger Pants, and Boots

When it’s getting dawn camping, you can also wear a flannel aside from a jacket. It’s a great choice of outfit layer for your skin, paired with jogger pants to avoid getting bitten by insects. Complete these two outfits with boots to keep your feet on the go for adventure.


Workout Outfit and Sunglasses

Of course, sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory, especially for outdoor activities, as it gives maximum protection to your eyes. Pair it with your best workout outfit if you’re going for a hike, yoga, meditation, or a walk on your camping trip.


One-Piece Workout, Hiking Backpack, and Wool Socks

One-Piece Workout, Hiking Backpack, and Wool Socks

If there’s a trendy camping outfit right now, it’s the one-piece workout bodysuit for women. Make sure to rock your camping activities while wearing a one-piece workout and wool socks. Don’t forget to bring a hiking backpack to help you bring all your camping needs in one place!


Hoodie, Long Shorts, and Boots

Since camping outfits bring our personal fashion styles, many are also wearing a hoodie, long shorts, and boots to create an effortless outdoor fashion statement. After all, camping outfits are all about giving our bodies the comfort that it needs while camping outside. The simpler, the better.


Sweatshirt Dress, Socks, Boots

For girls, it’s important to keep their cool and authenticity in place even while camping. So, wearing a sweatshirt dress paired with their favorite socks and rain boots level up their camping vibes to enjoy the rest of their camping adventure with their unique style of outfit.


Key Takeaway

You see, knowing the different camping outfits for that outdoorsy style keeps us fashionable while enjoying the rest of the camping adventure. It’s pivotal to consider what type of outfit keeps you comfortable and safe camping. Moreover, camping is not fun without expressing ourselves through our style of outfits.

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