7 Awning Tents to Upgrade Your Camping Experience

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What are the camping awning tents you need for your next overland adventure?

  1. Adventure Kings Side Awning
  2. Adventure Kings Awning Side Wall
  3. Adventure Kings Rear Vehicle Awning
  4. Adventure Kings 270° Awning
  5. Adventure Kings Awning Tent
  6. Adventure Kings Awning Shower Tent
  7. Bonus: Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring


While your overland experience is not complete without some exposure to the sun, you wouldn’t want to leave your skin unprotected for long periods. Aside from preventing sunburn and wrinkles, you need a shade to protect you while still enjoying the fresh air brought to you by the nearby trees, especially if you’re glamping in the Philippines. For these reasons, you need a camping awning tent! Keep on reading if you’re looking for tried and tested high-quality equipment.


Adventure Kings Side Awning

Adventure Kings Side Awning

Aside from a tent, you need an awning that can increase the living space in your campsite. After all, you won’t be lying down all the time while overland. When you’re done with your activities such as hiking, fishing, cycling, or kayaking, you need an area where you can cook and prepare your meals.

This is where the Adventure Kings Side Awning comes in. It can be set up in seconds because it is installed on top of your vehicle. Aside from being useful during the day, you can also benefit from the included dimmable strip light at night. The best thing is, it suits all vehicles with crossbars!


Adventure Kings Awning Side Wall

Adventure Kings Awning Side Wall

While an awning can protect you from sun exposure, there are other weather conditions on your campsite that you should be aware of. During the wet months, you can expect the rain to pour down anytime. Coupled with the wind, it will come at you from the sides of your awning.

Because of this, you need to get the Adventure Kings Awning Side Wall. The velcro strips can be attached to your existing awning, providing you cover from both sun and rain. Aside from that, it also doubles your living space while adding extra privacy if you need to stay overland for a prolonged period!


Adventure Kings Rear Vehicle Awning

Adventure Kings Rear Vehicle Awning

Speaking of more space, if you need quick access to objects on your rear trunk—such as a camping fridge—whenever you’re preparing your meals, you can opt for the Adventure Kings Rear Awning. It can be made into your special cooking station where you can put your portable burners and other kitchenware so you can reserve the side awning for your relaxation space.

This way, you can set up your Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair and relax with your mates after you prepared the most delicious grilled food from your portable cookware.


Adventure Kings 270° Awning

Adventure Kings 270° Awning

But if you need more areas to relax in, especially if you’re out camping with friends and family, you will benefit more from the Adventure Kings 270° Awning. Because of its massive coverage area, it can provide shelter from the side of your 4×4 vehicle to the rear end and some more!

Its wrap-around design can be easily installed by one person. Because the bag is installed on top of your vehicle, it will free up space inside your 4×4 while providing convenience during setup. This way, you can do your laundry or set up a stretcher bed in the shade!


Adventure Kings Awning Tent

Adventure Kings Awning Tent

But at night, you might be looking for a sleeping place where you can have your privacy. Aside from getting a separate tent, you can also consider the Adventure Kings Awning Tent which you can attach on their awning of the same size. It comes with 4 sides to give you an enclosed space, a clean floor area to set up your sleeping bags, and tub flooring that makes it completely waterproof.

While you can set up a 2 in 1 LED Light and Fan to keep you comfortable at night, you can also open the mesh windows to feel the fresh air from the outdoors. Aside from that, this also serves as your protection against mosquitos and flies which can make resting difficult!


Adventure Kings Awning Shower Tent

Adventure Kings Awning Shower Tent

Now that you have secured your cooking station, relaxation area, and sleeping quarters, all that’s left is to designate a location where you can shower. Chances are you won’t have a bathroom on your site unless you’re in paid camping grounds or beach resort. For this reason, you need to invest in the Adventure Kings Instant Ensuite.

Because it can be set up within a few seconds, you can open it whenever you’re planning to get dirty outdoors. After trekking on a rough trail, running around at the beach, or cycling through muddy paths, you can rely on this convenient awning equipment to keep you hidden while washing up.


Bonus: Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring

Bonus Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring

Speaking of dirt, when you’re overland you can’t avoid getting dusty even when you’re staying on your campsite the majority of the time. Because walking through sandy areas can be uncomfortable especially if you’re cooking or having a picnic, you need something that can serve as a barrier to the ground. Besides, you don’t want to get dust particles in your clothes bag.

Because a tarpaulin can feel hot during the summer months, you should opt for a breathable material that can be installed underneath your awning such as the Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring. The unique weave design will drop small particles such as sand and dirt through while preventing them from coming back up. This way, you will make your awning shelter more comfortable and hygienic.


Key Takeaway

A camping awning tent is a great way to add a living area to your campsite. Without it, you won’t have an open space to do your laundry or prepare your meals comfortably without risking sun damage.

Because all Adventure Kings Awnings are made with UPF 50+, it means that only 1% of ultraviolet radiation can penetrate, protecting you from skin cancer! Aside from that, all items, including the tent are also waterproof which means that they can be used for all-season camping overland! If you’re interested, you can check the shop here.


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