6 Roof Racks for Your Off-Road Vehicle

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What are the best roof racks for your off-road vehicle?

  1. Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Rack
  2. Mammoth Systems AluRack FlatRack
  3. Mammoth TrailRack Basket Rack for FJ Cruiser/Gutter Mount
  4. Mammoth TrailRack Flat Rack for FJ Cruiser/Gutter Mount
  5. Mammoth Alubar Crossbar Rail Mount
  6. Bonus: AA Racks Pickup Truck Bed Racks


Because some camping gear won’t fit inside your vehicle, many overland enthusiasts invest in off-road roof racks. It is commonly utilized to transport bikes, surfboards, and other baggage you may need on your adventure. Some of these are easily removable to keep in storage when not in use. If you’re looking for 4×4 off-road accessories in the Philippines, a roof rack is one of the best choices. To help you, below is a list of the best products in the market.


Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Rack

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Rack

Does sleeping in a ground tent giving you a hard time? Insects can come inside, and the wind can blow away your temporary home. If it’s hot, your resting quarters will feel like a sauna. After the trip, you will be bringing home the dust and sand that are stuck on your tent.

Fortunately, you can set up your rooftop tent on the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Rack. Because of its solid over-engineered powder-coated steel, it can carry up to 500kg of items! The front rail will keep your baggage safe and secured even on long rides. This is suitable for 4WDs with gutters.


Mammoth Systems Alurack Flat Rack

Mammoth Systems Alurack Flat Rack

Are you a sports enthusiast who enjoys surfing and riding a canoe? Or maybe you need to transport wide loads such as long pipes and other construction materials. Whether you’re going overland or using your 4×4 for daily tasks, a flat rack is recommended for transporting bulky items.

With Aluminum construction, the Mammoth Systems AluRack Flat Rack is strong, lightweight, and flexible. The modular slats allow you to secure your items—whether they’re big or small. Available in different sizes, this roof rack can fit almost any vehicle. Each variant can carry up to 100 kg of items.


Mammoth TrailRack Basket Rack for FJ Cruiser/Gutter Mount

Mammoth TrailRack Basket Rack for FJ Cruiser Gutter Mount

Are you planning to stay overland for a week? If that’s so, you must have everything you need to be comfortable. Your checklist should include a cooler, portable toilet, battery pack, shower kit, recovery kit, and more. If you don’t have interior space, you can invest in a basket-type roof rack!

With the Mammoth TrailRack Basket Rack, you don’t have to worry that your personal items will accidentally fall out. With the rails on all sides, combined with a rope to tie your gear, you can secure everything with peace of mind. When you’re camping overland, you can just throw stuff in without issues.


Mammoth TrailRack Flat Rack for FJ Cruiser/Gutter Mount

Mammoth TrailRack Flat Rack for FJ Cruiser Gutter Mount

If you prefer a flat rack for your FJ Cruiser, Mammoth offers their lightweight aluminum roof rack in this variant. Because of its rail-less design, you can attach big items that won’t usually fit on a basket-type rack. This also gives you easy access—and even people with short height can reach the items conveniently.

Because of its universal design, it is also suitable for 4WD vehicles with gutter mounts—such as the Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero, Land Rover Defender, and Jeep Cherokee.


Mammoth Alubar Crossbar Rail Mount

Mammoth Alubar Crossbar Rail Mount

If you don’t need to bring a lot of camping gear but need a versatile space for different types of equipment, the recommended option is a crossbar. The lightest roof rack in this list, this is the perfect solution to overland enthusiasts who need to attach fishing rods, surfing boards, and even bikes! These can support the load by transferring the weight to the towers and feet.

The Mammoth Alubar Crossbar Rail Mount fits any car with a flush rail. Available in 127cm or 135 cm lengths, these can fit most roof-mounted carriers you need to haul your gear. With an additional roof basket, cargo tray, or roof box, you can carry everything from clothes and tents!


Bonus: AA Racks Pickup Truck Bed Racks

Bonus AA Racks Pickup Truck Bed Racks

Not all overlanders drive an SUV, Crossover, or a Van. Some enthusiasts prefer their trucks because of the wide rear space for equipment. Although not technically a roof rack, the AA Racks Pickup Truck Bed Rack is utilized by many campers. From ladders, lumber, kayaks, and rooftop tents, this adjustable carrying device is a versatile choice.

Designed to be put on top of your truck bed, there is no drilling required to install this item. Made with durability in mind, it is manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum materials. It fits a variety of pick-up trucks that are used for overland adventures or city driving.


Key Takeaway

There are only a handful of overland vehicles that don’t have their own off-road roof rack. While this is a necessity for camping activities, it is also a tremendous help when transporting equipment while city driving. To get the best value for your money, invest in high-quality products specifically made for overland campers.

If you need assistance in choosing the best off-road roof rack for your vehicle, you can send a message to Overland Philippines. As a supplier of camping equipment, we can provide you everything you need—from basket racks to portable toilets and battery packs.


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