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by: Earl Lee on Mar 26, 2019

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Prepare for a life of adventure with this 4X4 specialist.

Overland Kings is open for business in km 15 of West Service Road in Parañaque. Start your adventurer lifestyle and drop by their shop to avail of high quality products for your rig. The shop is not your normal 4×4 specialist, as it offers more than just the regular lift kit for your 4×4 SUV. 

Overland Kings is also one of Black Rhino Philippines’ outlets. In off-roading, Black Rhino has long been a staple wheel brand for most rigs in the Philippines. Offering a wide selection of designs and sizes, the brand is sold under the slogan, ‘hard alloys’ with the Black Rhino as the brand’s mascot to represent the ruggedness that these wheels can provide.

You may also wrap those new wheels with brands like Yokohama, Saffiro, and Nitto. Aimed to be a one stop shop, you can have Overland Kings set up your whole rig for you so you don’t have to go back and forth between shops. 

For offroading at least, you don’t need big power to have fun. Take for instance, the Suzuki Jimny which sports a tiny engine that drives all four wheels. Proper wheels and tires, and a lift is recommended in case the going gets tough. Overland Kings are ready to accommodate customers who are looking for quality products and installation. 

As Miley Cyrus once said, it’s all about the climb, but once you get to the top, it does feel a little lonely. So do you go down? Do you make your way back down after battling mud and terrain and call it a day? Of course not, for any adventurer conquering unknown terrains is hungry work, and Overland Kings has got you covered. Accessories like a packable awning, coolers that run off the vehicle’s power supply, as well as a bevy of other accessories that let you conquer the great outdoors in style make the cut in the lineup of products. Overland Kings will have what you need to help your car reach its destination and create memories while camping glamorously in your 4×4 toy.

The company’s goal is to provide overlanding tools and quality gear for adventurers. The official partnership with Black Rhino only further its goals. Other brands under its belt include, Mammoth Systems, Front Runner, CTEK, Hitch Pro, Concept One Wheels, and Sonax to name a few. These brands have long been mainstays in the modding community, and will continue to grow and be offered by Overland Kings as the days roll by. 




To some, long road trips and camping aren’t known as glamourous activities. With the accessory selection at the shop however, you can turn your 4×4 into a capable mud slinging, rock crawling, sand skimming mobile home that looks pretty cool to boot. Take your friends and family offroading and create stronger bonds between each other through adventure. 

Overland Kings

Visit Overland Kings and its store in Parañaque. Experience their selection of products. They’ve already modified a 2019 Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Ranger Wildtrak and more, so if yours needs the proper kit to stretch its legs, Overland Kings will be more than happy to install all of the parts you desire. 

Check out their Facebook page and inquire about their products and services.  


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