5 Mistakes To Avoid When Glamping

September 7, 2022 | 0 Comments


What are mistakes to avoid when glamping?

  1. Not exploring different glamping options
  2. No planning and research
  3. Not bringing your regular camping gear
  4. Wearing the wrong clothes
  5. Forgetting to bring enough food and water

Glamping is a shortcut to the term glamorous camping. It is a type of camping with accommodation and facilities that are considered more luxurious than traditional camping. It’s the perfect getaway for people seeking a vacation away from the city, but without letting go of the comforts of one’s home. There are plenty of spots for glamping in the Philippines, so you can experience the outdoors conveniently. To have a successful outing, here are some mistakes to avoid when glamping. Keep on reading!


Not Exploring Different Glamping Options

Not Exploring Different Glamping Options

When people hear the word glamping, different images come to mind. Some people visualize yurts with beautiful decorations, others think of treehouses, while you might think of car camping. There are various glamping accommodations available, so don’t settle on one idea just yet and try to explore different options! To help you, here are some ideas:

There are also campsites that allow you to bring your own camping vehicle, so if you prefer that, it’s also a great option. In this case, a rooftop tent will be useful!


No Planning And Research

One of the common mistakes when glamping is the lack of preparation. Not all places offer the same things, so remember to check the inclusions. Some places may offer electricity and running water, while others don’t. Some campsites require reservations, especially if the place is popular.

The most important thing to remember is to check the fine print before booking a place, so you know what to bring and what to leave at home. Always check the route to the campsite, too, so you don’t lose your way on the road. Other than that, don’t forget to look up the weather forecast on your destination. 


Not Bringing Your Regular Camping Gear

Not Bringing Your Regular Camping Gear

Glamping is still camping, which means that you should consider bringing your regular camping gear — especially if they don’t offer all the things you need at the campsite. For example, some places offer common bathrooms. 

If you prefer to have your personal space, you could bring your portable shower and toilet. This comes in handy when you have plenty of liquids to consume during the day and don’t want to go out of your accommodation late at night because of the call of nature.

Don’t forget your safety gear, too. Some sites will offer first-aid kits, but just bring your own with you to be sure. Nights can be dark too, so bring some lighting devices


Wearing The Wrong Clothes

Always check the weather and temperature beforehand before leaving for the campsite. The Adventure Kings Outdoor/Fishing Shirt is perfect for hot sunny days since it’s lightweight and breathable. It also has UPF 30+ protection to keep your skin safe from the sun. Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly, so it’s a good idea to have layers too.

Other than that, do some research on what kind of environment and activities to expect. You’re still camping, which means that you won’t be staying indoors most of the time. There’s a possibility to get dirty, so keep the fancy clothes and shoes at home and bring something that you won’t be afraid to ruin. 


Forgetting To Bring Enough Food And Water

Depending on the amenities available at the campsite, you may have to bring your own food and water. You’re lucky if you have access to a restaurant, so you can just order your meals. But some sites are situated far away from grocery stores and restaurants, so it’s best to bring your own food and drinks! Even if you do have access to prepared meals, it won’t hurt to have some snacks and water.

You need proper meals if you plan to join in some rigorous camping activities — such as hiking. If you plan to cook, you can pack your ingredients in a cooler or a portable fridge, so they will last long. Not only that, but you can bring a campfire BBQ plate, so you can make campfire dinners. 

Aside from that, don’t forget to have enough water, especially during summer. You can bring a vacuum insulated water bottle so you can keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold!


Key Takeaway

Glamping is a great way to take refuge in nature without letting go of the comforts of your own home. There are plenty of spots to check out, but make sure to do your research first, so you know what you’re getting. Other than that, always look up the facilities and amenities, weather, and the environment you will be in, so you can pack the right clothes, camping gear, and food. 

Now that you know which mistakes to avoid when glamping, you can expect your trip to be a success. If you’re interested in more camping gear, you can view our items here at Overland Kings! From tents, backpacks, cooking gear, first aid kits, portable toilets, and many more — we only carry the best brands for camping, so you can use them for a long time.


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