8 Reasons Why Camping Is Good For You

September 20, 2022 | 0 Comments


What are the reasons why camping is good for you?

  1. Camping helps you with problem-solving
  2. Camping is a good influence on a child’s education
  3. Camping introduces you to good food
  4. Camping helps you sleep better
  5. Camping increases your vitamin D intake
  6. Camping helps you meditate
  7. Camping promotes physical health
  8. Camping makes you happier

Camping is fun, especially for die-hard outdoor enthusiasts looking to spend their weekend in nature. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and sunlight, away from the city and work, and to spend quality time with family, friends, loved ones, or even on your own.

Exploring and getting in touch with nature is one of the reasons why camping is good! Still not convinced yet? Keep scrolling to know why many Filipinos love to go camping today!


Camping helps you with problem-solving

The great thing about camping is it introduces you to productive activities that make your mind excited and curious when presented with new challenges. Those activities are setting up your camping tent, how to deal with unexpected events while preparing camp, and how to familiarize yourself with the entirety of the camping site. 

And, activities equate to experiences that you can still bring with you once you’re done camping and go back to your normal life. Whatever the case is, exploring and taking on these interesting activities help your mind develop stronger problem-solving skills.

Thank you, camping!


Camping is a good influence on a child’s education

Camping is a good influence on a child’s education

Have you remembered those childhood times when your grade school teacher encouraged you to sign up for a school camping activity? Not only because it’s included in a school memorandum, but also because camping gives a clear vision for children.

How? In this digital age where kids are more confident with their phones instead of mingling with other kids to build friendships, introducing them to camping will give them a new vision of childhood such as overcoming real problems and challenges.

Teach a kid how to light up a fire using stones and the basic things to do when it rains during camping. This keeps a child’s brain healthy while learning new outdoor opportunities.


Camping introduces you to good food

Camping introduces you to good food

Aside from packed s’mores, which is the common camping food that everyone loves, you can go fishing or hunting while on your trip! To make sure you can prepare your freshly caught meal, however, you should equip yourself with the right tools. Try bringing some camping cooking gear with you for a more exciting dining experience!


Camping helps you sleep better

One of many reasons why camping is good is that this activity is a great solution for chronic under-sleepers and insomniacs. When you’re camping, you’re doing a lot of physical activity setting up camp and exploring the great outdoors. This helps tire out your body and prepare it for restful sleep. After a few nights of camping, you might even find your biological clock has been reset! 

Camping also exposes you to the natural light-dark cycle, which is much more helpful for our sleep cycles compared to artificial lights at home. So, if you couldn’t sleep, why not try to go camping?


Camping increases your vitamin D intake

Since camping is an outdoor activity, it helps you to catch all that great vitamin D your body needs, just by spending a few hours under the sun! 

Vitamin D is popularly known as the vitamin used for building up stronger, healthier bones. But did you know it also gives us mental health benefits, such as improving your mood? Just make sure your sun exposure is in moderation — and always wear sunscreen — to avoid the risk of sunburns or skin cancer.


Camping helps you meditate

Some people who are stressed want to keep themselves from the digital world. And, camping is a suitable outlet for that. So, when you go camping, don’t forget to turn off your phone and buy an interesting book to read during camping instead. Try to disconnect your emotions from social media, and enjoy the naturalness and simplicity of nature without distractions. 

If you have depression, allergies, fatigue, or heart disease, camping can improve your overall health by committing to the experience. Try discovering your hobby more while camping!


Camping promotes physical health

Camping promotes physical health

If you feel your daily routine is draining you and affecting your work performance, chances are your exercise is limited. 

Camping gives us tremendous yet exciting explorations by keeping our minds and bodies active. Camping combats health problems and diseases. Escape your work grind, go outdoors, and hit the unlimited opportunities for physical activity while camping.


Camping makes you happier

Activities like camping are an excellent trigger for serotonin — a brain chemical that creates the feeling of happiness and content. This is because camping exposes you to many beneficial things for your brain, which we’ve already covered earlier in this post (such as exercising and exposure to nature). 

So, camping is an excellent choice for anyone needing a pick me up, or a weekend away to destress from work! And with camping, you have many opportunities to take on other serotonin-promoting activities, such as hiking and fishing! 


Key Takeaway

This blog covered all the possible reasons why camping is good for you. As you can see, camping is a great hobby for anyone seeking out the peace and beauty of the great outdoors — or looking for a new outlet for their stress and energy. 

Are you feeling inspired to go camping? Ask your friends, family, or your partner to take the plunge by planning a camping trip. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of our camping gear here at Overland Kings! 


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