How to Go from Camping to Glamping

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How to go from camping to glamping?

  1. Choose bigger tents
  2. Prioritize your bedding
  3. Make gourmet meals
  4. Plan and play games
  5. Emphasize lighting


  • Glamping offers a more comfortable outdoor experience compared to traditional camping, often associated with luxury and glamour.
  • The article provides several tips for enhancing the camping experience to a more luxurious level, including choosing larger tents, prioritizing bedding comfort, preparing gourmet meals, planning and playing games, and emphasizing lighting.

Glamping is a unique outdoor activity that centers on better comfort compared to camping. Often associated with the word ‘glamor’, it is a worthwhile experience for any camper. Despite its impression of expensiveness, transforming your camping experience into a more ‘lavish’ affair can be done with a few tweaks.

In this article, we tackle a few tips on how to go from camping to glamping. From larger tents and better bedding to gourmet recipes and decor, read on to learn more about how you can revamp this experience.

Choose Bigger Tents

Choose Bigger Tents

One of the key ways to upgrade your camping experience is through accommodation. While some sites have more structure like tiny houses and bell tents, pitching a larger tent can work just fine. It is not only useful to add more comfort to your trip but also a way to invite more friends to join.

Overland Kings offers a Roof Top Annex Tent that can easily fit six of your loved ones. It is spacious enough to store all your baggage and to play games when it’s raining. It can also easily fit double-sized air mattresses to sleep comfortably in. If you do not reach six persons, it can easily be decorated as a living room to lounge in.

In addition to capacity, it is always a luxury to be able to stand up in a tent.

Prioritize Your Bedding

Another tip on how to go from camping to glamping is maximizing your bedding. Your bed is an important part of your outdoor experience. It is because they give us a comfortable place to rest to prepare for tomorrow’s adventures. They are also key areas to focus on especially when you are camping for relaxation and unwinding.

To prioritize a peaceful sleep, setting up an inflatable mattress is a must. Double-raised air beds can add to your convenience too. Packing your favorite pillows, sheets, and blankets is key to making it more glamorous. Fabrics like silk and cotton are ideal for hotter seasons while fleece or wool is best for colder nights.

You can even pack your childhood or favorite stuffed toys, making it as close or similar to sleeping at home.

Make Gourmet Meals

Make Gourmet Meals

Camping is a great way to try new recipes. Though many may consider it a hassle, there are now many available gadgets that can make outdoor cooking more convenient. Devices like portable gas stoves portable fire pits, and camp ovens give you more resources in your makeshift kitchen. These apparatuses can help you make delicious and convenient food choices for everyone to enjoy.

Apart from the classic roasted hotdogs and chili, preparing gourmet meals is the key to the glamping experience. Dishes like Pork Ragu & Gremolata and Chicken Chilaquiles Rojos will truly improve your camping menu. For adults, bringing and opening up a classic red or white wine can make meal times more lavish.

Plan and Play Games

While the outdoors offers a wide array of things to do like hiking and swimming, games are still necessities to do. It is because it can maximize your experience. By creating a time and space for these activities, you allow for intentional socialization and team building.

For campers who want to delve more into nature, games like I Spy, Skip Stones, and scavenger hunts are ideal ways to bond with the environment. Looking at the stars or spotting constellations could be a few more quieter activities.

When it is time to cozy up in your tent, card games can be a great option to have fun with your family. Uno, crazy eights, poker, or roleplaying mystery are some of the card games you can do.

Emphasize Lighting

Creating a mood while camping is key in turning it into glamping. It enhances the overall feel of your trip. Decorating your campsite is a key strategy to this. Apart from the usual fire pit and comfortable chairs, incorporating a theme is a great idea to make your trip unique. Popular camping themes include futuristic, safari, and bohemian-like atmospheres.

Yet in any kind of style you want to mimic, lighting is still a huge part of enhancing the mood. Choosing the right lighting is both aesthetic and functional. While they reduce safety risks like injuries, they account for the balance of light and darkness, improving the ambiance of your stay.

You can try fairy lights, lanterns, light strips, and faux candles. Emphasizing these items allows you to create the ideal background for your unforgettable moments.

Key Takeaway

Glamping offers a luxurious camping experience with amenities like pools and comfy beds. It can be achieved through choosing a glamping site or by investing in comfortable camping gear. Overland Kings provides top-notch gear to make your camping trip more convenient. Contact us to start planning your adventure!



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