DIY Glamping: How to Decorate Your Campsite

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How can you decorate your campsite for DIY Glamping?

  1. Bring along comfortable seating options
  2. Set up a canopy or shade structure
  3. Place outdoor rugs or carpets
  4. Use battery-operated LED lights
  5. Set up a folding table


  • In the Philippines, glamping has gained popularity as a luxurious alternative to traditional camping.
  • Transform your glamping experience by incorporating comfortable seating, a canopy for outdoor elegance, weather-resistant rugs for a touch of luxury, battery-operated LED lights for ambiance, and a functional folding table, all available at Overland Kings for your glamping needs.

Over the past decade, glamping in the Philippines has gained popularity as an alternative for Filipinos who desire the joys of the great outdoors but with a touch of luxury. However, for some, the thought of sleeping in a basic tent with minimal amenities can be a deterrent. This is where glamping steps in to bridge the gap.

Unlike traditional camping setups, glamping sites offer comfortable bedding, stylish furnishings, and sometimes even private bathrooms with hot showers. While many establishments offer ready-made luxury, there’s a unique joy in personalizing your glamping experience. Let’s explore how to decorate your glamping campsite.

Bring along Comfortable Seating Options

Make your campsite feel like a home by bringing comfortable seating options. Consider foldable chairs with added cushions or portable hammocks to create inviting lounging spots. The secret is to strike a balance between comfort and convenience, ensuring you have a cozy space to relax after a day of outdoor adventures.

Transform your campsite into a comfortable haven with the Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair from Overland Kings. Boasting a massive 300kg rating and a sturdy steel frame with reinforced pivot points, this camping chair ensures durability and stability. Convenience is key with features like an armrest drink holder and a mesh back pocket for storage.

Set Up a Canopy or Shade Structure

Set up a canopy or shade structure

For the ultimate outdoor luxury, consider setting up a canopy or shade structure over your campsite. This provides shelter from the sun, creates a designated living space, and adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor retreat. Choose a structure that is easy to assemble and dismantle, ensuring convenience along with style.

Overland Kings’ Adventure Kings Rear Awning is a sought-after camping essential. It is 1.4m long and 2m out, with UPF50+ rated and fully waterproof 170GSM ripstop polyester for optimal sun and weather protection. Its quick and easy setup makes it a practical choice for immediate relief, and the universal fitment ensures compatibility with most roof racks.

Place Outdoor Rugs or Carpets

Define your glamping space and add a touch of luxury by placing outdoor rugs or carpets. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your campsite but also provides a comfortable surface underfoot. Opt for easy-to-clean, weather-resistant rugs that can withstand the elements while adding warmth to your outdoor haven.

Imagine sitting by a crackling fire pit, surrounded by the warmth of the flames, with your feet resting on the soft outdoor rug. You can also enjoy a morning coffee, an afternoon nap, or an evening stargazing session, with the combination of nature’s ambiance and the elegant touch of the carpets, creating a harmonious blend that makes your glamping adventure truly exceptional.

Use Battery-Operated LED Lights

Use battery-operated LED lights


Lighting can transform any space, and your campsite is no exception. Instead of relying on harsh, traditional camping lanterns, opt for battery-operated LED lights. String them around your tent, hang them on nearby trees, or drape them along your seating area. The gentle glow of these lights creates a magical atmosphere, perfect for cozy evenings under the stars.

Elevate your camping experience with the enchanting glow of battery-operated LED lights, and Overland Kings has the perfect solution with our Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit. This kit features four bright white 500mm LED bars, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for your campsite. The LED dimmer also allows you to adjust the lighting according to your preference.

Set Up a Folding Table

Create a functional and stylish focal point by setting up a folding table at your campsite. This serves as an adaptable space for meals, games, or simply displaying decorative elements. Consider covering the table with a vibrant tablecloth to add a pop of color and further enhance the overall aesthetic.

Add a touch of style to your campsite with the Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table from Overland Kings, a perfect solution for enjoying meals. This sturdy and lightweight table has a quick-click locking assembly, ensuring a hassle-free installation and the table’s dimensions provide ample space for various activities with your family. The powder-coated alloy construction not only makes it durable but also rust-resistant.

Key Takeaway

Remember, the beauty of DIY glamping lies in personalization. Experiment with these ideas on how to decorate your glamping campsite, match elements, and let your creativity shine as you turn your campsite into a glamorous retreat that reflects your unique style.

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