Golden Chicken FJ

September 25, 2019 | 0 Comments


by: Joel Pedro

Every once in a while you will come across unique type of vehicle. this one such Vehicle. A fire Volunteer FJ Lets just call her Golden Chicken.

Golden Chicken Fire and rescue FJ

This build is special. It will be used both as an offroad vehicle and a life saving fire vehicle. To accomplish this, we added a rear drawer from mammoth systems to organise the rear of the Rig for fire equipment and gear.

we added a side awning to give a work space with shade both for fun and during hard conditions. we added a 5 gallon water tank on the roof should there be any additional need for water or fuel.

to Top it off, added a 12,000 dominator winch to make sure this rig can get out of any sticky or hot situations.

If you see this rig in your rear view mirrors with the sirens blaring, rest assured there must be some emergency that needs urgent attention, Give way you never know it might be saving your house or building from a fire.

Objectives: Add a full range of storage and other needs for a fire support vehicle

This Fj was already setup with a lift and bumpers . so we just needed to put in some final touches to complete the build.

So heres the gear installed:

We will see you soon in the trails!

see you later FJ


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