5 Ideas For Glamping At Home

September 11, 2022 | 0 Comments


What ideas for glamping at home should I try?

  1. Get a roomy tent
  2. Create a lounge space
  3. Add some lighting
  4. Get a cozy bed
  5. Dress up your dining table

Glamping is quickly becoming the go-to activity for many friends and families. Glampsites and luxury camping resorts are popping up all over the country — and to no surprise! With glamping, you get the closeness to nature without sacrificing the comfort and relaxation of a usual vacation.

However, this activity comes with an unfortunately steep price tag. But don’t worry! You can still experience the fun of glamping right in your backyard. Here are our best ideas for glamping at home to turn your regular camping setup into a luxurious outdoor haven.


Get a roomy tent

Get a roomy tent

The first place to start with your DIY glamping is to invest in a roomy tent — like the Overland Kings’ 6-man Annex. Getting a bigger one will help you fit all the extra gear and decorations that come with glamping! Plus, it’s an investment that pays for itself over time. Just use it at least once or twice a year, and you’ve already made the most out of your money. 

Once you have your tent, add in some underfoot luxury with a blanket or a rug. It will help create a homey and cozy feel throughout the space! And, you can fill in the extra room you have with some storage, like our Mammoth Alupack All-Aluminum boxes

They’re sleek and can store all your essentials — such as your camp cooking gear. Plus, they can double as small tables when not in use. You can also dress them up with patterned wrapping paper if you want to add some glamor to them! 


Create a lounge space

One of the best parts of glamping is that you spend hours and hours just chilling out and relaxing in the great outdoors. So, create a space away from your tent to kick back and unwind!

The best way to do that is getting awning gear, like this 2.5 x 2.5 Awning with LED lights from Overland Kings. This provides enough shelter from the rain and sun, and enough space for you to set up some chairs, rugs, and whatever other furniture you want for your outdoor den. 

You can also hang up a wind chime and some sarongs from the awning, and place cushions and bean bags in your lounge area. This helps set the mood for lazy, calm afternoons. 


Add some lighting

To transform your glamping site, get some ambient lighting. It’ll turn your camp into a chillout area once the sun has set! So, grab some lanterns, outdoor fairy lights, and candles in jars or tin cans — surround your area with warm lighting. String them up from your awning and tents, or place them on top of your storage and tables.

You can also pick up some rechargeable lanterns and lights so that you have backups when there’s no power. 


Get a cozy bed

Get a cozy bed

Another luxury that glamping offers is the guarantee of deep, restful snoozing. Make your bed as comfortable as possible, and you’ve just about achieved DIY glamping right there! 

Rather than sticking to your old sleeping bags, replace them with a camping stretcher bed. This is much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor! And, you can pad it with a mattress topper, or a duvet. 

Whatever blankets or pillows you choose to fluff your bed up with, make sure it’s bright and fresh to fit with the rest of your glamping decor. If you want to go all out, then getting a camping quilt is a good choice too! This one can be used outside in your lounge area, too. 


Dress up your dining table

Dress up your dining table

It wouldn’t be glamping if you didn’t have great meals to go with it. Luckily, with a little bit of planning, and the use of some handy equipment, you can turn rudimentary, messy camp eating into luxurious alfresco dining. 

If you only have battered outdoor picnic tables on hand, that’s okay. You can cover and dress them up with a tablecloth. Even an old sheet or one from a local store will do just fine.

Next, switch the stainless steel mugs and single-use plastic cups for some mason jars! They make for aesthetically pleasing — and spill-free — alternatives to your usual camping drinkware. 

You can also decorate the area with candles in your recycled tin cans and glass jars. And, if you have some cloth napkins you can use, then all the better. You can also place some wildflower bouquets to add some rustic chic to your dining table!

Lastly, your cooking station. Nothing completes this luxurious dining experience more than a deliciously cooked meal. It might be a hassle to stick with campfire cooking, so you should try our All-in-One Outdoor Kitchen! It has all you need to create your favorite grilled meats, stews, and roasted veggies with ease. 


Key Takeaway

A little effort will go a long way for your dream of DIY glamping. Use our top ideas for glamping at home to transform your backyard, and make your staycation feel like the relaxing getaway you need. So get creative, plan ahead, and enjoy glamping at home!


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