5 Tips For Long-Term Camping

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What are some tips for long-term camping?

  1. Pick what type of camping to do
  2. Choose a good campsite
  3. Invest in a good-quality tent
  4. Stock up on food
  5. Prioritize your hygiene

Camping offers plenty of benefits. It gives you access to peace and quiet and allows you to witness beautiful sights away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You have the opportunity to exercise more and have a fun time — whether you’re traveling to the mountains or to the beach. What more, if you’re doing it for prolonged periods? You’re constantly immersed outdoors, which means that you will get closer to nature! Here are some tips for long-term camping. Keep on reading!


Pick What Type Of Camping To Do

There are two popular types of camping — backpacking and car camping. Backpacking involves carrying all the things you need in your backpack, so it requires more planning. You need to consider the weight and size of your bag. This type of camping also entails physical demands, because you need to carry your gear for miles. 

On the other hand, car camping involves driving your car to an area and camping there. You will have your car near your campsite, so you can bring more items, making your overall stay more comfortable. With a spacious vehicle, you can bring the comforts of home on the road. 

There’s also glamping, which is a combination of the word ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. It’s a more luxurious type of camping, with hotel-like amenities. Pick out what type of camping you want to do, depending on your experience and preference. Each one has its own advantages.


Choose A Good Campsite

Choose A Good Campsite

An important consideration when camping for the long-term is the campsite you will stay on. The right campsite can make your stay in the tent much more enjoyable and comfortable. Find a campsite on higher ground, so water won’t pool when it rains. Some place sheltered, away from wind and sun is also a good option. Don’t forget the nice sights, so you can wake up each day closer to nature.

Don’t forget to prepare your chosen campsite for long-term use. Clear the area of rock and other debris. Put up portable gazebos or awnings, so you can set up your camping chairs, tables, and cooking equipment in a sheltered area. 


Invest In A Good-Quality Tent

Invest In A Good-Quality Tent

Whether you’re backpacking or car camping, your tent will serve as your home for the long term. That’s why investing in a good-quality tent is non-negotiable. You wouldn’t want to cut your trip short because of a broken tent. 

Choose a well-designed tent made with high-quality materials that will last long. Make sure to consider the weather at the campsite too. Prepare for heat, strong winds, and rain. A multi-season tent will keep you comfortable in different weather conditions. 

The Poler tent in black has an oversized design, perfect for sitting up or changing clothes. It’s specifically made for three-season use, too. It’s a good choice when you’re camping on the ground. 

But if you prefer something that can be placed on the roof, one recommendation is the Ikamper X-Cover Rooftop Tent with Gear Rack, which can comfortably accommodate 3-4 people. It’s weatherproof thanks to the water-resistant poly-cotton canvas with a polyester rain fly. 


Stock Up On Food

Stock Up On Food

If you don’t plan to camp where there are grocery stores and restaurants nearby, make sure to stock up on your food and water. You can try to catch your own food by collecting edible fruits and fishing, but you can’t rely on only this only. You should also stock up on food that will last a long time — such as dried and canned foods. 

If you want to access fresh ingredients, you can consider investing in a good camping fridge/freezer. Bringing this appliance along won’t be difficult if you’re car camping. Protein-rich foods like meat are important because you will use plenty of energy outdoors. 

When cooking, know that a fire isn’t always a good choice for cooking, especially when it’s raining. Having your own camp stove is beneficial for hassle-free cooking!


Prioritize Your Hygiene

When camping, it could be difficult to prioritize your hygiene, especially if you’re living outdoors for long periods. If possible, choose a place where you can go to a bathroom or take showers. If you choose to camp in a managed campground, you will be able to access these facilities. 

But if you’re camping in a remote location, you might find it difficult to access a proper shower or bathroom area. While there are methods you can do for hygiene, such as washing yourself in a pond or digging a hole to make a camp latrine, having your own hygiene gear is beneficial. 

For instance, you can create your personal shower and toilet area with the Adventure Kings Double Shower Tent. If you’re bringing a car, you can also pack the Adventure Kings Portable Camping Toilet. Have access to clean water? Use the Adventure Kings Portable Shower Kit in your own camp shower!


Key Takeaway

If you want to camp comfortably long-term, glamping or car camping is the best choice because you will have access to the comforts of your home. But if you want a challenge, backpacking is also a great option! But no matter what type of camping you choose, make sure to bring enough food and water. Invest in good-quality camping gear, whether it’s a tent, cooking equipment, or a portable toilet. 

Follow these tips for long-term camping, so you can have a more comfortable stay while outdoors! If you’re looking for more camping products, you can check out our online store here at Overland Kings. 


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