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Price: 500

Kings Tyre Gauge | Kwiky | Quick-Connect | Accurate | Reliable

₱ 1,000.00

  • 50mm easy to read gauge
  • Decompression valve
  • Rubberised brass case


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50mm easy to read, 60psi rated, brass body pressure gauge – spring loaded pressure release button – short flexible rubber hose and alloy quick connect tyre valve chuck.

Driving on tyres that are not inflated to their optimal PSI can decrease your fuel economy, traction on the road and accelerate wear-and-tear. Plus we all know how important tyre pressures are off-road!

Rugged enough to stay tucked in your glovebox or drawers, it’s a quick and easy one step process to accurately check your tyre pressures in any situation. It’s ideal for use prior to setting off on those big off-road adventures, or even just a weekend away with the family.

The Tyre Gauge comes with a rubber hose and alloy tip making it flexible yet easy to push over the tyre valve, with the 2” white-faced dial making it easy to read, The gauge’s range is from 0 – 60PSI working within 1.5PSI accuracy.


Kings Tyre Gauge | Kwiky | Quick-Connect | Accurate | Reliable


Range: 0 – 60 PSI
Accuracy: <1.5PSI


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