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Kings 3.5kVA Generator | 3000W Peak Pure Sine-Wave Power | Remote Power & Home Backup

₱ 57,000.00

  • Massive 13L Fuel Tank
  • 3500W Power Output
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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We’ve gone back to the drawing board to re-engineer the all-new Adventure Kings generators from the ground up, and we’ve come up with an absolute cracker!

The Adventure Kings Steel Cage 3.5kVa Generator is built to be powerful, quiet, economical and easy to start. It’s the ultimate generator for the campsite, the job site or as emergency power at home!

At its core is a 212cc overhead valve (OHV) four-stroke motor that’s been designed to run on 91 unleaded. Some competitor generators are rated to required 95 Premium Unleaded, which we all know is extremely difficult to find when you’re away from major towns! The easy pull-start design with adjustable choke means that this generator is incredibly simple to start too.

An absolutely massive 3500w pure sine wave inverter means this generator produces clean power suitable for charging and running equipment with delicate internal electrical components, like laptops, TVs, tablets, mobile phones and the like. It’s powerful enough to run everything from many types of power tools on the job site to some hairdryers and microwaves for the ultimate in luxury when you’re camping! It’s also fantastic as a backup generator at home to keep the fridge, lights and other electronics running during power outages.

When you’re using your generator regularly, the last thing you want to do is constantly have to refill it out of a jerry can. The new Adventure Kings 3.5kVa generator features an absolutely massive 13L fuel tank, which is more than double the size of some of its competitors. Combined with an economy mode to save fuel when the full 3500w of power production isn’t required, this is an incredibly economical generator that sips fuel!

With twin 240v outlets, a 12v T-plug to let you directly charge a car, boat or bike battery, a built-in fuel gauge and the safety of a low-oil cut-off, it’s packed full of features. On economy mode, it’s even quiet enough to be allowed in some restricted national park campgrounds!

The external steel cage adds a whole new level of toughness to the generator, meaning it can be loaded on the roof rack, in the ute tray or stored in the shed or garage easily and without risk of damage. The steel cage design allows for easy strapping down for transport, chaining up when in use or storage for security and makes the generator easy to move around too.


Kings 3.5kVA Generator | 3500W Peak Pure Sine-Wave Power | Remote Power & Home Backup

Model 3500ig
Power Output Pure Sine Wave Inverter
AC Voltage 240v
Frequency 50Hz
Max Output 3500w
Rated Continuous Output 3200w
240V Socket Type 15A
Engine type Air-cooled, four-stroke, overhead valve
Decibels (Eco): 65.1dB*
Bore x Stroke 70mmx55mm
Displacement 212cc
Fuel 91 regular unleaded (No ethanol/E10/E85)
Fuel tank capacity 13 litres
Fuel Consumption ~ 1litre per hour
Rated Continuous Operation Time 10 hours
Lubricating Oil Grade SAE 10W30
Lubricating Oil Capacity 450ml
Starting system Recoil starter (pull start)
Ignition system C.D.I
Spark Plug Type E7TC/E7RTC (torch)
Overall Dimensions 560mm x 440mm x 470mm (LxWxH)
Gross Weight 38kg

*Measured at 7m, running on economy with no load.

**Earthing Pole not Included

***Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

24-month warranty Parts available



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