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Price: 500

IKAMPER Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent

₱ 258,000.00

  • 1 Minute Setup, Comfort for 2
  • Aerodynamic, Double-Layered Hard Shell
  • Lightweight, Fits On Any Vehicle


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Skycamp Mini

Rooftop Tent

1 Minute Setup, Fits Any Vehicle

The Skycamp Mini offers the same quick setup (1 minute!) as the Skycamp, but in a shorter expandable hard shell: perfect for the bed or cab of your truck, for a smaller vehicle, or for saving space on your roof.

1 Minute Setup, Comfort for 2

Setup takes less than a minute, and so does take-down. The Skycamp Mini comes equipped with a comfortable memory foam mattress and iKamper’s signature world map design.

Additional information

Paint Finish

Rocky black, Glossy black


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