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Adventure Kings MPPT Regulator

₱ 8,000.00

  • Instantly increases solar potential
  • Waterproof and durable aluminium housing
  • Automatically maintains battery health

Adventure Kings MPPT Regulator


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Charge your batteries quickly and efficiently with the Adventure Kings 20A MPPT Solar Controller.

A Solar Controller (or regulator) is a must for safeguarding your battery from the high voltage output of solar panels. It does this by reducing the voltage to the level that the battery requires, for a safe and efficient charge.

A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Controller takes this one step further by applying a sophisticated charging algorithm that can constantly track the amount of power that the solar panel is generating from the sun and make the most of it!

MPPT controllers can also use more of the power from the solar panel – they do this by taking in the entire amount of power from the solar panel at the higher voltage, then adjusting the output to suit the battery with minimal power loss. Compared to a PWM controller on the same solar panel you could see up to 30% more power output with an MPPT.

Equipped with simple screw terminals it makes it easy to build into a new 12V setup, or integrate into your existing system – plus there are LED indicators so you can keep an eye on charging and battery level at a glance.

The MPPT also includes a temperature sensor that adjusts performance based on conditions. This means safer charging in hot weather and boosted charging in cold weather.

Additionally, the MPPT features Overheat, Reverse Connection, Short-Circuit, and Overload protection. Keeping you, your battery, and your controller safe!

An Adventure Kings MPPT Controller ensures you will be getting the most out of your Solar panels!

Regulator Type Maximum Power Point Tracking
Dimensions 131×99.5×29.5(mm)(L×W×H)
Regulator current rating 20A charge / discharge
Regulator Voltage Suitable for 12V or 24V systems (automatic)
Maximum Regulator Voltage input 50V
No load current (standby current) <10mA
Safety Overload & short circuit protection ≥1.5x rated current
Voltage settings For 12V systems  For 24V systems
For 24V systems 16V 32V
Charging voltage cut-off 14.7V  29.4
Discharge recovery Voltage 12V  24V
Over-Discharge voltage cut-off 10.8V  21.6V
USB output 5V 1A


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