Tips for Glamping this Summer Season

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Tips for Glamping this Summer Season

What are some tips on glamping this summer season?


  1. Wear the right attire
  2. Be prepared for sun and rain
  3. Make sure there’s enough ventilation
  4. Set up protection from insects
  5. Keep food and drinks cold


One of the best summer activities you can do is glamping, which is short for glamorous camping. Whether you do it on the beach, riverside, or mountains — there are plenty of activities to do with your families and friends. But because of the change in temperature, you also have to be extra prepared before going on your trip. Keep on reading for some tips for glamping this summer season.


Wear The Right Attire


The first order of business is to choose clothes that are comfortable to move in, even if it’s hot, sticky, and humid outside. Look for fabrics that are light-colored and breathable. To protect your skin from the sun, you can wear long-sleeved tops. Don’t forget a hat, shades, and also sunscreen.


If you’re looking for a summer camping shirt that you can wear on multiple occasions, you can check out the Adventure Kings Outdoor/Fishing Shirt. It’s lightweight and breathable, but also has long sleeves and fabric that features UPF 30+ to protect you from the sun and heat. 


To refresh, reshape, and de-wrinkle your summer outfits, it’s also advisable to have the DFNS Apparel Launder! It’s a clothing deodorizer that can neutralize odors, so you can lessen your laundry while on long glamping stays.


Be Prepared For Sun And Rain

Must-Have Collapsible Camping Gear For Saving Space


Aside from your clothing, you’ll also need to prepare camping gear that can protect you from sun and rain. Look for a gazebo that has a UPF50+ rating, which means that only 1/50th of UV transmission is permitted.


If you are glamping somewhere sunny, rainy, and windy, then you will benefit from the Adventure Kings 6x3m Portable Gazebo. It’s rated UPF 50+, 100% waterproof, and also windproof! It’s the perfect option for big groups, long glamping stays, and even backyard BBQs.


Make Sure There’s Enough Ventilation


Staying inside a tent during summer can be unpleasant, especially if there’s not enough ventilation. This is the case especially if your tent is made from synthetic materials that are not as breathable as natural fibers. Look for tents with mesh windows and other features for added ventilation. 


For instance, the Poler 1 Man Tent has a mesh body and a waterproof seam-taped rain fly, so you can feel comfortable sleeping at night without worrying about getting soaked. 


If you’re looking for a roof top tent that can provide breathability, the Adventure Kings Tourer Rooftop Tent is also suitable because of its huge opening mesh windows. It also features a high-density open-cell foam mattress that allows air to circulate through the foam — so any sign of moisture will quickly dry.


Set Up Protection From Insects


During summer, you also have to expect there to be more mosquitos because it’s their prime breeding time. You also don’t want flies to hang around your food, so it’s important to set up protection from various insects.


If you want to relax without worrying about the heat and the insects, consider purchasing the Adventure Kings Gazebo 3x3m Mesh Tent. The see-through mesh offers protection from mosquitos without stopping the breeze from coming in. You can simply tie the mesh to the frame of the gazebo and peg out the bottom corners during setup. 


Keep Food And Drinks Cold


With the temperatures rising, food and drinks can spoil easily and become dangerous to consume. To avoid food poisoning during your glamping trip, make sure to keep your food and drinks cold. 


You can cook your meals in advance and pre-freeze them before your trip, so they can stay cold longer. This also makes it easier for your portable fridge, especially since it’s forced to work harder during summer when there’s a higher ambient temperature.


If you’re looking for a portable fridge, you can check out the Adventure Kings 35L Entry Fridge/Freezer with cover. Because it’s a real compressor fridge/freezer, you can expect it to be fast cooling and efficient. The temperature can be set between +10°C to -18°C. To help you visualize the capacity, it can fit 51 cans of drinks.


If you need more capacity from your portable fridge/freezer, this Adventure Kings device is also available in different sizes — 20L, 65L, and 75L.


Key Takeaway


Summer is the perfect time for glamping. You can bask in the beauty of nature, spend time with your family, and enjoy peace and quiet. It’s a good opportunity to visit the beach and enjoy water activities. But because of the sweltering temperatures you need to make preparations when it comes to your camping gear.

Follow these tips for glamping this summer season to make the most of your trip! If you’re looking for more camping products, feel free to check out our online shop here at Overland Kings. We feature some of the best brands for campers, glampers, and overlanding enthusiasts, so you don’t have to worry when it comes to quality. For any questions and inquiries, you can send us a message here.


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