5 Tips For Camping On The Beach

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What are some tips for camping on the beach?

  1. Consider the weather
  2. Factor in the tide changes
  3. Follow the beach rules
  4. Figure out where you will sleep
  5. Find shaded areas

Camping on the beach has plenty of benefits. First, you can avoid pricey hotel accommodations and camp away from the crowds. From morning to night, you can make the most out of the sea and the sand. Lastly, you can fall asleep to the crashing waves, have fun in the water, and watch amazing sunrises or sunsets from your tent. Fortunately, there are plenty of beach camping spots in the Philippines, so you won’t have a shortage when it comes to amazing destinations. If you’re interested, here are some tips for camping on the beach. Keep on reading!


Consider The Weather

Before you head out on your beach camping trip, take time to check the weather. You wouldn’t want to get caught in a thunderstorm while you’re camping on the beach. Instead, it’s best to set your trip when there are clear and sunny skies. Aside from that, the weather will also influence what you need to bring to the campsite.

In the Philippines, the rainy season occurs from June to November while the dry season is from December to May. When checking the weather, you can look for the forecast on the news or online. 


Factor In The Tide Changes

Factor In The Tide Changes

Other than the weather, make sure that you also consider the tides too. You would want to plan for tide changes, so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night with cold water entering your tent. 

To do this, you need to know how far the tide usually rises when it’s high tide. You can look for clues around the water line to find the tide line. But it’s still best to ask the locals or a lifeguard, so you can set your tent in the right place. Not all high tides are the same, and some are higher than others. Make sure to camp above high tide. 


Follow The Beach Rules

Every beach has its own rules in order to preserve the beauty of the surroundings for other visitors. Get familiar with the rules prior to your camping trip, so you won’t end up being surprised when you get there. For instance, some beaches might not allow beach camping while others might not allow building a campfire. 


Figure Out Where You Will Sleep

Figure Out Where You Will Sleep

Depending on where you are beach camping, you might need to bring your own tent. Some places offer tents for rent, while others have rooms where you can stay in. But if you plan to pitch your own tent, make sure to bring the right one. Rooftop tents are also a great option too! 

The Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent is fully water and insect-proof, which makes it perfect for tropical destinations. Other than that, it already has a thick and comfy mattress. 

If you’re camping on the ground, make sure to smooth out the sand first before setting up your tent. Make sure to choose a tent with a floor to keep out crabs and insects.


Find Shaded Areas

One of the most difficult things to do at the beach is to find areas with shade. When you’re camping during summer, the sun can be too hot that it becomes unbearable, especially at noon.

When you’re camping on the beach, a portable gazebo or awning is your best friend. These items have high UPF ratings, which indicate good sun protection! You can set up your tables and chairs underneath if you just want to rest or eat. Secure the awning and gazebo legs with sandbags

To keep the sand out of your campsite, you can also use mesh flooring. The Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring can drop sand and dirt through and prevent them from coming back up. Unlike tarps, it won’t absorb heat, making it perfect for those hot summer days on the beach!


Key Takeaway

When you plan to camp at the beach, make sure to search the weather first, so you can camp in good weather. Consider the tide changes when you’re setting up your campsite. Pitch your tent in flat sand and set up an awning or gazebo too, so you can take out your camping tables and chairs and place them in the shade. Other than that, make sure to follow the beach rules. 

Follow these tips for camping on the beach, so you can make the most out of your trip! If you’re in need of camping gear, you can check out our online store here at Overland Kings. We offer everything from tents, cooking gear, safety gear, backpacks, awnings, camping fridges, and many more. If you’re interested in building an overland off-road rig, you can send us a message.


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