7 Reasons to Camp During the New Normal

February 18, 2022 | 0 Comments


What are the reasons to camp during the new normal?

  1. Maintain social distancing
  2. Get some fresh air
  3. Prioritize hygiene
  4. Camp according to your schedule
  5. Save on vacation costs
  6. Work remotely
  7. Relieve stress


During the Covid-19 pandemic, people searched for alternative ways to go on vacation. One of the activities gaining popularity is camping. Add the element of glamour, comfort, and convenience, and you get glamping. Fortunately, there are plenty of places that can accommodate your need for glamping in the Philippines. But if you’re not convinced yet, you can read this blog for the best reasons to camp during the new normal. Keep on scrolling!


Maintain Social Distancing

One of the main reasons why camping has gained popularity during the new normal is because it’s a safer way to travel. It allows you to avoid crowds that are usually present in resorts, hotels, amusement parks, tourist spots, and the like. If you’re going by car, you can avoid mass transportation such as buses, airplanes, and more.

Camping allows you the freedom to experience the benefits of traveling as long as you continue to practice social distancing even while on camp!


Get Some Fresh Air

Get Some Fresh Air

Tired of months of staying indoors? Even if you spend some time outside your home, the pollution in the city is no good for you. Indoors, pollution is also present through the form of soot, dust mites, mold, pet dander, tobacco smoke, and more.

That’s why one reason to go camping is to get your dose of clean and fresh air. Whether you stay by the beach or near the mountains, the air quality will be very different. Maybe it’s just what you need after a long week of working in front of your laptop.


Prioritize Hygiene

Car camping allows you to enjoy an outdoor vacation without compromising your personal hygiene. With your own shower tent, shower kit, and portable toilet, you don’t have to share anything with strangers. It also allows you to go to camping areas with no common bathrooms!

Other than that, one of the charms of camping is you get to cook food outdoors. Imagine the smell of BBQ, the sizzle of ingredients in your skillet pan, and eating good food after an adventure-filled day. You get to prepare your own meals, so you’re sure that it’s handled in the best way possible.


Camp According to Your Schedule

Camp According to Your Schedule

Delayed flights and late hotel check-ins can affect your vacation schedule. But with camping, you can enjoy your holiday according to your own preferences! As long as you’ve got your overland 4WD with you, you can hit the road whenever you want — whether it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Just make sure to check if there are protocols in the places you’re going to!

To help you navigate off-road paths in low-light conditions, you can consider installing LED driving lights on top of your 4WD’s stock lighting.


Save On Vacation Costs

One of the perks of camping is that you get to save on vacation costs! Compared to traveling by air or staying in a hotel, it’s much more affordable to camp. Most campsites provide tents for rent for affordable prices. There are also places that will fit your budget.

But if you’re planning to take camping seriously, you can also invest in a rooftop tent. When it comes to this camping gear, Adventure Kings and IKAMPER are trusted international brands and their products will last for years.


Work Remotely

Work Remotely

Tired of working from home? With an overland rig, you can work anywhere you want as long as you have access to the internet. There are places that offer free Wi-Fi or you can bring a portable one with you.

All you need is a portable table, a camping chair, and a laptop to work remotely while enjoying the surrounding sceneries. After work, do some stargazing or light a campfire to de-stress.


Relieve Stress

All work and no play will leave you tired, stressed, and burned out. These things can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health negatively. For this reason, you need to try camping during the new normal to get some time for yourself. This will allow you to de-stress, so you can recharge and get back to work happier.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, camping also allows you to fix that. After some activities — whether it’s trekking, swimming, or kayaking — you’ll fall fast asleep by the end of the day.


Key Takeaway

Camping and glamping have gained popularity during the new normal because it’s a safer way to spend your vacation. You’ll have plenty of room for social distancing, can take control of your personal hygiene, reduce costs, and de-stress during these tough times.

With plenty of reasons to camp during the new normal, you might be interested to set a trip soon! To make your experience much more convenient and comfortable, you can check out some of our camping gear here at Overland Kings. We have everything from cooking equipment, 4×4 off-road accessories, camping freezers, roof racks, and more.


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