6 Essentials For Backpacking

July 16, 2022 | 0 Comments


What are the essentials for backpacking?

  1. Backpack
  2. Camping tent
  3. Sleeping bag
  4. Cooking gear
  5. Water bottle
  6. Headlamp

Backpacking is a unique approach to travel. Backpackers are interested in being outdoors, finding new adventures, and seeing different sights. Backpacking involves having everything you need in your backpack — including clothes, food, and camping gear. If you’re going on your first trip, here are some of the essentials for backpacking. Keep on reading to learn more!



One of the most important items that every backpacker should have is a backpack. You want something that will be able to carry all your gear. A general rule is to choose a 50 to 70-liter bag if you’re going on a trip for one to four days. Adjust the size depending on your trip. Other than that, consider the durability of the bag too — especially if you plan to go on multiple trips in the future.

If you’re interested in backpacks, we have them here at Overland Kings. Whether you’re going for a weekend getaway or planning a longer adventure trip, there are options for you to choose from. We have Herschel and Jansport, which are trusted brands by many.

Camping Tent

Camping Tent

One of the next things you need to buy is a camping tent. Tents are categorized by capacity. You can find tents made for 1 person to 4 persons. You also need to consider the weather when you’re backpacking. You will need something that can protect you from the elements — whether it’s the sun, wind, or rain.

Lastly, you also need to think of the weight of the tent. You’re going to carry the tent when you’re traveling, so you need something that is lightweight but is still comfortable to sleep in. Consider this Pop-out tent by Poler, which expands to 145 cm x 74 cm x 100 cm. During storage, it’s only 60 cm x 60 cm.

Sleeping Bag

Backpacking sleeping bags are essential if you want to rest properly while you’re outdoors. When choosing a sleeping bag, you want something that can keep you warm at night and is also the lightest one you can find. It should be able to be compressed to a small size for storage. But on top of all this, you should still be able to rest comfortably without feeling claustrophobic.

Cooking Gear

You should always have extra food as a backpacker, in case something causes your trip to be longer than you expected. It’s good to have something that doesn’t require cooking — such as an energy bar. But if you like to cook on the go, you should also have your cooking and dining gear. Here are some must-haves:

The type of cookware you buy will depend on the size of your group. For instance, if you need lightweight cookware for a group, you can consider the Bedourie Camp Oven. It can bake, boil, and fry foods. The lid can also work as a frying pan! It’s made from heavy gauge spun carbon steel, so it’s tough while still being lightweight.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Always bring enough water for your backpacking trip. If you can’t, make sure that you have some method of treating water while you’re out and about.

Other than that, always fill up your reusable water bottle from a potable water source when you can. If you’re looking for water bottles that can withstand wear and tear from your backpacking trips, consider the ones made by Hydro Flask. Their stainless steel water bottles can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours. You can choose from the standard mouth and wide mouth options.

Head Lamp

A headlamp can help keep your hands free when you’re doing your tasks on the field. It’s one of the essential pieces for backpacking because you always need a light source with you, especially at night. Remember to carry extra batteries too.

If you’re looking for a reliable headlamp, check out the Adventure Kings LED Head Torch. It’s powered by double-A batteries, which can be easy to get in your local supermarket or hardware store. It features two lighting options — distance and flood light. Not only that, but it’s also small and lightweight.

Key Takeaway

Backpacking is a way of traveling, where everything you need is in your backpack. You can experience the great outdoors, see new sights, meet locals, and learn about culture this way. To ensure that you have a safe and comfortable trip, always pack the essentials! When choosing your gear, look for ones that are lightweight and durable, so you don’t have to bear the heavy loads while traveling, and you can use them for a long time!

If you’re looking for more essentials for backpacking, you can check out our online store here at Overland Kings!


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