Must-Have Collapsible Camping Gear For Saving Space

July 20, 2020 | 0 Comments


What are some must-have collapsible camping gears you need?

  1. Roof Tent
  2. Foldable Kitchen System
  3. Collapsible Cart
  4. Collapsible Sink
  5. Collapsible Dish Rack
  6. Awning Shower
  7. Folding Chair

With all the things you need for a camping trip, you question whether they’ll fit in the trunk of your car or not. Sometimes, you’re left with a gigantic jigsaw puzzle of boxes and bags, trying to fit everything in.

To save space, stock up on collapsible camping gear. These items are made to fold down into compact sizes, making storage easier. It also gives you extra space to pack more gear! Here’s a list of essential collapsible gear you can start with.


Roof Tent

Roof Tent

Tents are an essential part of camping. They provide you with shelter for different weather conditions. This is where you sleep and rest when you’re done with your outdoor activities. However, they can sometimes take up a lot of space.

For better storage, try out a rooftop tent. These are collapsible tents strapped tightly on top of your car. Once parked, all you need to do is to set it up. It also provides you with comfort since it’s elevated from the ground.

The Grand Tourer Aluminum Rooftop Tent can be set up in just 2 minutes. Its made of tough grade 5052 alloy. All you’ll need to do is open its latch and push for an instant set-up. Its exterior is equipped with side awnings for protection against the elements. Inside is a 75mm mattress for a good night’s sleep.


Foldable Kitchen System

Normally you would pack a separate stove, table, and chopping boards for cooking. However, there are foldable kitchen systems you can get for an easier camping experience.

When camping with the IKamper All-in-one Outdoor Kitchen System, you don’t need to worry about packing a lot of kitchen gear. This foldable system is made from lightweight aluminum and can be folded into a box when transported. When opened, you’ll find a two-burner system and expandable tables made from birch plywood. You can easily set this up with its adjustable aluminum legs on your camping ground. There’s also lots of space inside for storing your coolers, food, and utensils.


Folding Chair

You can make camping a comfortable experience by bringing the right gear. Having a folding chair is an easy way to ensure you’ll stay comfy while eating meals. It’s also nice to have a round when you just want to sit and admire nature around you.

Elevate your camping experience with the Adventure Kings Directors Camping Chair. This is a foldable chair that comes with its own folding table, padded armrests, and mesh pockets. You’ll remain comfortable without worrying it’ll take up so much space.


Collapsible Cart

Collapsible Cart

Carts are handy to have on a camping trip. It helps transport your gear from your car to the site easily. Find a collapsible one like the Adventure Kings Collapsible Cart to maximize the space you have in your trunk.

The Kings Collapsible Cart is a tough and durable cart with steel frames and extra wide wheels. It can easily carry up to 68kg, but you’ll have no trouble pulling the heavy load with its 1.2 m handle. Its wheels are also made extra wide so you can bring it to all kinds of surfaces.


Collapsible Sink

Even during camping trips, you’ll need to clean up the dishes after a good meal. Some camping sites may be equipped with sinks, but it’s handy if you had your own.

A collapsible sink can revolutionize the way you do your dishes. Take the Adventure Kings Collapsible Sink, this is made with flexible thermoplastic rubber walls and a rigid polypropylene base & rim. This can hold both boiling and ice cold water. Once you’re ready to wash your dishes, this sink will stretch 13.5 cm deep. Afterward, it collapses to a 3cm thickness.


Collapsible Dish Rack

Collapsible Dish Rack

With your dishes washed, you’ll need a place to dry them. Find a collapsible dish rack like the Adventure Kings Collapsible Dish Rack to make this chore easier on your camping trip.

This dish rack flattens for easy storage. It can effectively dry your dishes with its built-in slots for the plates, cups, and utensils. It has flexible thermoplastic rubber walls that make it easy to flatten once you’re done using them.


Awning Shower

A big issue on camping trips is that you don’t have enough privacy to change, shower, and even use the bathroom. You can make washing up easier by purchasing an awning shower. Think of it as a portable changing booth that you can strap on top of your car.

The Kings Instant Ensuite Awning Shower is made from ripstop oxford material with an inner waterproof coating. It comes also comes with internal mesh pockets and a hook & loop strap for your camping shower rose. When you’re done, you’ll just need to roll it back up to its storage back strapped to your car.


Key Takeaway

You can make the most of the space you have by purchasing the right gear and tools. That’s why you need to invest in collapsible camping gear. You can check out the Overland Kings Online Store for some of these items. As a supplier of camping equipment, we can provide you with the gear you need.


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