15 Campsites Near Manila You Should Visit This Year

February 6, 2023 | 0 Comments


What are some ideal camping sites near Metro Manila?

  1. Kalmado Campsite
  2. WK Forest Reserve
  3. Edna’s Beach and Campsite
  4. The Peak Campsite
  5. Viewscape Nature Park
  6. Mount Purro Nature Reserve
  7. Camp Pahuwayan
  8. Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campgrounds
  9. Batis ng Kalikasan
  10. Puerto Silanguin Cove
  11. The Beach Garage Campgrounds
  12. Casa Antonio Glamping
  13. Paradis Island PH
  14. Nurture Wellness Village
  15. Paping’s Staycation & Campsite

Camping is a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and find relaxation in nature. But the last thing you want to do is spend most of your day traveling to the campsite rather than being there. Fortunately, many sites for camping near Manila are only a car ride away from the capital, and all of them offer experiences worth trying out.

At Overland Kings, we believe that camping should be done often to reap its benefits and get better as time goes by. Therefore, in this list, we present 15 campsites that we recommend for you this 2023.

Depending on what you’re after, there’s at least one item on this list that is sure to catch your eye. Read on!

Car Camping Sites

Car Camping Sites

When you take all your gear to the site via vehicle and set up camp with your car being either close to or part of your arrangement, that’s called car camping. It’s usually done in designated sites big enough for at least a couple of rigs, and fortunately, we’ve got a few great ones close by.

Kalmado Campsite

Perfect for first-time car campers who don’t want to stray too far off the beaten path, this not-so-little campsite on the outskirts of Tagaytay, Cavite is an ideal spot for those on a budget.

WK Forest Reserve

Tanay, Rizal houses the old-but-gold WK Forest Reserve, one of the best places to sleep under the stars. No fancy amenities are needed in this place (though there is a shower and restroom) as it’s meant to be a place to unplug and connect with nature.

Edna’s Beach and Campsite

Located in Sta. Ana, Batangas, this pet-friendly beach campsite offers great sunsets and is a good jump-off point for the Little Boracay of Calatagan, where you can enjoy pristine waters and sparkling white sand.

Mountainside Camping Sites

Mountainside Camping Sites

Nothing beats the iconic camping-in-the-mountains, and it remains enjoyable no matter how many times you do it. It might take a bit of a hike to get there, but the view is always worth seeing, sharing with others, and posting about.

The Peak Campsite

If you want to wake up to a sea of clouds surrounding you from all directions, The Peak Campsite in Tanay, Rizal is perfect for you. Combining the beauty of three connected mountains, its awe-inspiring view can be seen after only a short hike. On your way up, a multitude of activities awaits.

Viewscape Nature Park

As its name suggests, you won’t run out of beautiful views at this lovely nature park by the Sierra Madre mountains in Tanay, Rizal. Camp in your car and sleep under a sky of stars, then wake up to rolling clouds sweeping over the mountains.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

From the peaks to the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range, this eco-park in Antipolo, Rizal is a full-scale resort where you can enjoy several nature-centric activities during the day, and sleep soundly and comfortably through the night.

Lakeside Camping Sites

Lakeside Camping Sites

Lakeside camping is nothing new. With the abundance of lakes surrounded by lush greenery in the Philippines, it has become a rising trend among Overlanders and glamping enthusiasts alike.

Camp Pahuwayan

Located in San Isidro, Montalban, this relaxing oasis is only 30 minutes away from the Metro. This campsite spices up its beautiful lakeside view with outdoor sofas and swings, while guests have many amenities and activities in store for them.

Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campgrounds

One of the newest campsites near Manila, this unique location was once an advocacy project and now boasts four campsites designed for car camping or Overlanding. Located in Cavinti, Laguna, this little slice of heaven also has amenities like shower rooms, restrooms, a gazebo, and more.

Batis ng Kalikasan

This open green space next to a refreshing stream in Santa Maria, Laguna is another perfect car camping spot that’s quite lovely in the summer months. You can pitch a tent for the full camping experience, or stay in one of their nipa huts, which offer comfortable and private rooms.

Beach Camping Sites

Beach Camping Sites

Who says camping is reserved for the mountains? Spend a day or two at the beach to get the most out of your sun, sea, and sand fix. As a bonus, you still get to reap the rewards of a delightful camping experience!

Puerto Silanguin Cove

This peaceful cove in San Antonio, Zambales is perfect for DIY camping and provides you with a breathtaking ocean view. You can set up tents—they’ve got space for over a hundred campers at a time—or rent it exclusively for a luxury experience.

The Beach Garage Campgrounds

Located in Lian, Batangas, the first beach overland campsite in the country is all set to provide the ultimate Overlanding experience. With a majestic ocean view and the fresh breeze, you’re sure to have an experience worth unplugging for—just make sure you’re driving a 4×4 or 4WD vehicle.

Casa Antonio Glamping

Located on the aptly named White Beach in Calatagan, Batangas, this beach getaway includes quaint glamping huts complete with mattresses and beddings, activities like kayaking and paddleboarding, and camping fixtures like kawa baths and bonfires.

Glamping Sites

Glamping Sites

Camping can be enjoyable for anyone, even those who are less inclined to get down and dirty. After all, that’s what glamping sites are for—less stress, more amenities, and the same amount of fun!

Paradis Island PH

Paradis Island stands out among the other campsites in Cavinti, Laguna for its lovely, dreamlike setups. Think villas and floating cabanas, or tree huts and boho-style glamping tents. Paradis Island has all of that, plus amenities to spare!

Nurture Wellness Village

If you want a vacation that’s both relaxing and IG-worthy, look no further than the Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. Luxurious tents, fitness centers, an outdoor pool, and a spa all provide an experience that’s not just beautiful, but good for fitness as well.

Paping’s Staycation & Campsite

It doesn’t get any more unique than this. Paping’s Campsite provides a range of interesting and eccentric accommodations, from a tiny house to a camper van to a capsule room. Each accommodation has access to amenities like an outdoor cinema, kitchen, and restroom—and makes for beautiful photos as well.

Key Takeaway

Whatever style of camping you’re going for, we hope you’ve found a potential new campsite to check out among this list of destinations. The best part is that they’re all close by, so camping near Manila has never been easier.

Looking forward to your trip? Don’t forget to arm yourself with the appropriate equipment and gear. At Overland Kings, we provide high-quality camping gear in the Philippines for any kind of activity. Browse your essentials from our online shop today!


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