Camping Equipment You Can Use Everyday

December 22, 2022 | 0 Comments


What camping equipment can you use everyday?

  1. Backpacks
  2. Lunch totes
  3. Tumblers
  4. Outdoor apparel
  5. First aid kits
  6. Camp chairs
  7. Solar Blankets

Camping equipment in the Philippines doesn’t have to be limited for use at a campsite. Though originally intended for the outdoors, many pieces of equipment that we carry in our store are versatile, and can be used in your day to day activities!

Here’s an inside look at the products we have at Overland Kings that can be used anytime, any day.



What could be better for both camping and everyday life than a backpack? The good thing about backpacks made for camping is that they’re designed to be durable and withstand all kinds of wear and tear. Many of them have multiple pockets for all the things you need, and today’s modern rucksacks don’t scrimp on the aesthetic appeal, either.

Take, for example, this Herschel Eco Little America backpack! This one can be easily used to carry your things for school or work. Or, it can also be used to tote things for a day trip! 

This other bag from our store is another bag that you can use everyday. It’s spacious enough to fit a 15” laptop, and has many pockets and compartments to store things like your wallet, water bottle, and more. 

Lunch totes

Like camping backpacks, lunch totes made specifically for camping usually have an added benefit to them. In the case of these bags, it’s insulation. Keep your food warm (or cold) all day long with our lunch totes!

You can even match your lunch tote to your backpack, if you so choose! We’ve got lunch bags that come in the same fabric and design as our Jansport backpacks, so people automatically know they come as a set—no mistaking who they belong to!


If you’re a fan of insulation in your food carriers, you’ll surely appreciate the added insulation of a tumbler that’s meant to keep your drinks at the temperature you want even as hours go by. And who doesn’t want a tumbler that can keep your drinks the way they should be for an extended period of time?

Best of all, camping tumblers are shaped in a way so that they’re easy to grip, open and drink from, since they’re meant to be carried alongside a number of other objects while hiking or walking outdoors. There’s even wide-mouth tumblers, for those who prefer that!

Outdoor apparel

You might not go camping everyday, but you can certainly use outdoor apparel anytime you need something durable, resistant to wear-and-tear, and casual. Besides our t-shirts, we also offer fishing shirts and dry bags that are good for particular settings like fishing trips or beach outings.

First aid kits

Not only are first aid kits good to have on hand, they’re a necessity, especially if you’re prone to getting injured or hurt. At the very least, you need to have important medication on you at all times just in case. If you want to take it a step further, though, you can go for a complete first aid kit that has all the essentials and more — just like this one from our store!

Camp chairs

Camp chairs

Despite their name, camp chairs can be used in all kinds of settings. They’re perfect for just setting up whenever you need to take a seat, and they’re great to help you unwind after a long time standing. Plus, they’re foldable, so you can take them anywhere you go.

If you’re in line for hours, at an outdoor event, or accompanied by someone who needs a chair—like a senior citizen or someone with a bad knee—having a portable chair can feel like a lifesaver.

Solar Kit

Ideal for hot weather, outdoor settings, and anyone with a phone, e-book, tablet, or laptop that needs charging on-the-go. Our portable solar kits are perfect replacements for your power banks! 

Just think: no more searching for an outlet, no more borrowing wires and plugs, just good old-fashioned sunlight. And, our kit comes equipped with suction cups for mounting, so you can set it up practically anywhere!

Solar Blankets

This piece of equipment is a great alternative to our solar kits. Similar to those kits, a solar blanket can help keep your things charged while you’re out and about. Simply prop it up under the sun, and it can easily keep your drinks cold, your phone juiced up, and much more! 

However, we do recommend you practice caution with this equipment. When in use, it generates heat, so it’s best to place it on a surface that’s heat resistant.

Key Takeaway

As you can see from our examples, camping equipment doesn’t have to be just for camping sites. Be creative with your gear and equipment, and make use of the fact that it’s all extra durable, comfy and good for the outdoors.

For more equipment—camping gear or otherwise—check out the rest of our store. We’ve got everything your outdoorsy heart desires!


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