7 Benefits Of Car Camping

September 10, 2022 | 0 Comments


What are the benefits of car camping?

  1. One of the easiest ways to go camping
  2. Don’t have to carry it all on your back
  3. Don’t need to unload all your gear
  4. Can bring luxuries with you
  5. Wide range of great sites
  6. Peace of mind and safety
  7. Easy and more diverse meals

There are many kinds of camping that you can use to spend a weekend — or even a whole week — in the great outdoors. You can try tent camping, RV camping, backpacking, and more. However, car camping is quickly becoming a new favorite for campers, especially for beginners! 

But what are the benefits of car camping, and why would you pick that over other options? In this post, we get into the key advantages of car camping. Read on! 


One of the easiest ways to go camping

One of the easiest ways to go camping

If you feel that your camping skills aren’t quite up to the challenge of backpacking, or you’re traveling with inexperienced family and friends, then don’t worry. Car camping is your best option! It’s one of the easiest ways that you can go camping and is an excellent way to practice any survival or outdoor skills you and your company need to brush up on.

Unlike backpacking, where you need the skill to hike with your gear to your chosen camping site, car camping allows you to easily pack up and travel to your destination. This means that you can bring all the gear you want, which definitely makes your camping trip much easier. 

You can even fit your car with gear that wouldn’t normally be possible — such as the King’s 2.5X2.5m Awning with LED lights. This kind of equipment is great for beginner campers who want some comfort while still enjoying the greater outdoors. 


Don’t have to carry it all on your back

Car camping, as we’ve mentioned, means lots of mobility and space. Unlike backpacking, you don’t have to count every inch and ounce of the stuff you want to bring. You can pack just about everything you desire for your trip — as long as it fits in your car! 

And the best part is, you don’t have to carry it all on your back. No more long-distance hiking with loads on your back. All you have to do is load up at home, drive, and relax! 


Don’t need to unload all your gear

Likewise, you don’t have to unload everything the moment you hit your campsite. When you’re car camping, it’s unnecessary to do so. Just take out what you need, when you need it. You can keep the rest of your gear in the safety of your car — we just recommend that you keep everything organized so you don’t have to root around when you need something. 


Can bring luxuries with you

Can bring luxuries with you

While car camping isn’t exactly “glamping,” it sure gets close to it! If you do it right and get nice gear, you can upgrade your camping trip into something more luxurious.

Like we said — you can have lots of fun with all the stuff you can carry in your car. You can bring everything you want to make your trip as comfortable as possible. That means you can pack a camping table and chairs, air mattresses, coolers, and even a whole All-in-One Outdoor Kitchen System from Overland Kings! 


Wide range of great sites

Because you’re using a car, you can travel much farther distances than you normally would on a camping trip. That means you gain access to a wide range of established and developed sites — there are even places that are specifically made for car camping!

These sites offer a lot more comfort than your average camping grounds. You can find not just drinking water, but also electric hookups, designated fire pits, bathroom and shower facilities, and even outdoor attractions and activities. Some sites may even offer WiFi. There are a lot of great things that you can experience at a good car camping site. 


Peace of mind and safety

Peace of mind and safety

There’s no doubt that having your car close by on a trip is incredibly convenient. Not only does it offer extra security for your gear, but it can also help in times of trouble. For example, if a nasty storm picks up all of a sudden, you have the option of weathering it out in the safety of your car. Or, you can pack up and drive to the nearest hotel or inn if the storm is particularly bad. You can also drive down to the closest market or grocery to restock if you suddenly run out of supplies. 

You can also fit your car with extra gear to make your trip that much more convenient and safe. One great option is using the Ikamper X-Cover Rooftop Tent, which comes with a handy gear rack. This protects you from the elements and keeps you and your stuff far away from curious wild animals. You can also easily fit our Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit in the trunk of your car, to make sure you have all the medical supplies you need in case of emergency. 


Easy and more diverse meals

Food simply tastes better when you’re outside in fresh air — that’s why people love cooking food on a camping trip! But, making a meal becomes that much easier and more diverse when you can pack more ingredients in your car. 

Just imagine pulling fresh meat, produce, and beers from your Kings 45L Portable Fridge and Freezer! Having more food and drinks than you normally would help you create easier and more diverse meals during your trip. 


Key Takeaway

There are many benefits of car camping! It offers all the fun of the outdoors, but with more safety, convenience, and comfort for both you and your companions. It’s a great option for beginners, or those traveling with friends and family. 

Interested in trying out car camping? Get all the gear you need for an easy and hassle-free trip from Overland Kings!


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